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Dipstick not user friendly

Just got my new to me 2012 5.0 last week. It had a sticker on the windshield showing the oil had just been changed, but I felt compelled to pull the dipstick and take a look. I'm 6'2"' and I had to really reach hard to reach the dipstick. The good news is that it looked good when I did get it pulled.
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The engine is essentially the same one as the front wheel drive Lincolns. If you turn the engine like it was in a front wheel drive vehicle, it will be very handy. It just is too expensive to re-engineer a dipstick.
I noticed the eco boost engines are the same as far as the dipstick is concerned. My state doesn't require front plates, so I took off the bracket and stick my foot in that hole and stand there to check the oil.


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A longer tube a bend towards front like years past cost little. Listen up ford .

I hate check these at work . Its dark . the older ones you at least could see them