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Texas Chapter Leader
Well my work is picking up heavy the last couple of days, so i havent been on as much as normal... Im still around though guys, and just cause i dont post up dont mean i dont check my pm's, check for people requesting chapter membership, and i might occasionally check a thread or two...
Will likely continue for a couple of more days too guys, but i will be back hopefully soon...
If yall need anything from me Shoot me a pm, i check em every night...
Dont party to hard, smiliepeelout


Texas Chapter Leader
well things are still the same guys, i do check in every couple of days and check pm's and new user requests. But i am starting to think it might be best for the chapter if i stepped down as leader. I know there are other chapter members here that are on much more than i am even capable of. Call it a temporary leave of absence. I am going to get in touch with admin and see what can be done.


Grabber Green Consultant
well its good to hear that youve at least got work. hope everything is going good. we will be hear when you get back


Texas Chapter Leader
Im still here guys... I check in, but dont get a chance to post up much.
Some of you have personal contact info of mine. Feel free to get intouch with me if need be.

I will continue to check in when i can...


Clown of Death!
The sh*t storm we raised to get you the job and your going to drop it, that's great!!! Naw it's cool Don I'm sure we can find a suitable or unsuitalbe replacement for you!!!


Texas Chapter Leader
I still keep up with the duties, maybe not as much as i should. But i do check membership requests quite often, every time i log on actually, and when i get a chance i check the new member logs...