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Can not get this thing to start! 😤

Hey guys! Thanks in advance for any and all help here! I haven't been able to touch my project for a few years now but am finally able to get serious about it. Trying to get it started. Can't get the thing started to save my life! Really frustrating cause it couldn't be a simpler system! I think my problem is not exactly knowing what I'm dealing with. At this point, based on the previous owners wiring and all I am not sure if I have positive or negative ground wiring. I've attached pictures of my setup. I wired it as though it's the original 6v positive ground, but at the same time the only way I get the starter to turn is by jumping from the negative post in the battery to the little single post on the starter solenoid. That being the case it sends like the starter button is sending power to the solenoid, but I thought it is supposed to send ground in a positive ground system 🤔. Thanks again, and please ask any other info that's needed. Site won't let me post pics....


Ford Parts Guru
1928/55: 6V Positive Ground.

1956 thru today: 12V Negative Ground.
Yes, I was fairly certain that it is in fact positive ground. What I am having trouble understanding is the starter button is looking for power, not ground ��. Every wiring diagram I have found shows the button to be a single wire button looking for ground...

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