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c2 power steering pump leak/issue

hey guys

so durning the 429 swap in to my f150, i put and early gen 7 power steering pump (c-ii style) and pressure line on the truck. the pressure line is for and 84 f250 and i just bent the gear box end to work with the truck. anyways the pump uses a "type 1"? line, the standard thread style with and internal oring and with out the teflon sealing washer.

anyways i have a leak were the pressure port seals to the reservoir. the line/ fitting is not leaking and stays dry. the first pump i put on late 2015 and ran with it leaking very lightly tell mid December. i got enough other issues ironed out with the truck i wanted to make this leak stop. anyways i have warranty this pump 2 twice now (3 pump i put in this truck). number 2 leaked about 1/4 quart every 400 miles. pump 3 is leak out about 1/4 every 200.

im at a total loss as to what is wrong.

pump o'reilly number 711-2115, hose 71079


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Try a different vendor for a pump such as NAPA?


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Can you just change the pressure reserve port where the line screws into to the one that the line belongs too?

Most of the new pumps don't even come with those anymore, and you have to re-use them

If you don't have the one that came from the 84, just get one from the junk yard.

As far as I know, the pipe thread where that screws into the pump is the same on both pumps
sorry for the late reply guys.

been a very long week. going to remove the port and see if the o-ring behind it is there sealing up the reservoir later then week. stupid thing just leaks while sitting.


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Missing an o-ring? Just a shot in the dark?
What he said.

The C-II P/S pressure hose has an o-ring on it. It's either hardened up or has gone missing. Available from most auto parts stores.

The P/S hose connects to the pump w/a qwik connect fitting,
well i removed the pressure line and inspected the oring again, no cuts, nicks or miss shapes, or hardness. removed the fitting from the pump (should have taken a picture). its oring seal to the reservoir was in great shape as was the discharge oring. cleaned everything up with either and let the pump drain. reassembled the thing and got everything bled.

leak fixed!? ran the truck with the pump stalled out for 10 sec at a time with out a drop. just strange.