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Burt's video... FINALLY!!!!


California Chapter member
Hey guys,
At Christmas I finally got a Flip HD video camera for myself and promised to take a video of Burt's exhaust. Well, 4 months later I finally did it, as well as a little around the rest of him. I've only used the video camera 3-4 times though and I think I got too close to the pipes for the sound to be clear, but I think you get the idea. It's much more mellow in person. I'll try again at a later time and include the rest of his "new digs". I've been working on the garage for months with parts from construction sites (drywall) and trash cans around the neighborhood and finally got it done, complete with grey epoxy floor and AC and heat! Now Burt is protected for his life and I can start saving up for the mambo expensive paint job!


That's how we roll!
Sounds good. How do you like the camera? I was thinking of buying one.
Burt looks to be in pretty good shape.

I was noticing your AC lines coming off the compressor are opposite from the way mine are. Are mine backwards or are yours backwards, or it doesn't matter.


Arrogant A-hole At-Large
outside your house
Looks good, sounds good. I give it an A...even if it is 4 months late.


California Chapter member
Thanks guys,
Sean, I LOVE the camera! I'm just getting to use it more now and I'm really impressed with it.

RustyCJ, ?... I don't really know if yours or mine are on backwards! I do know that my AC does work really well though! :)

I know, I know,.... late is better than never!! It's gonna take some time for the paint unfortunately. I took a 9% paycut (furlough) at work... At least he is protected now!