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Any Luck Updating Sync 3 Maps?

Has anyone been able to do the Sync 3 map update on a 2020 F150?
I got the notification a few weeks ago that there was an update to the maps on my 2020 F150 Limited. I downloaded the update and the license file, formatted and loaded them on a 32gb USB drive. I then got in the truck, started it up and inserted the drive. Got all the correct prompts and it appeared that the process started. The top line on the display said something like Updating System Software. I took a drive for about an hour & 15 minutes and nothing changed. Went I got back home, shut the truck off, took out the drive and figured I'd try it again later. A few days later, I had to run an errand that was about 45 minutes away. Again started the truck, inserted the drive and got the message it was updating. When I got to my destination, I left the truck running, ran the errand and drove back home. Total round trip time was 1hr 45min. Pulled into my driveway and left the truck running. Checking on it every few minutes, still no change. When I finally gave up and shut the truck off, the total elapsed time was 2hrs 42 min.
Any ideas on what the problem is?
Sinc 3 started updating again in about August 2021. I stumbled on this old thread while searching. Didn't realize its a year old. :cool:

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