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97 F250 HD 460 question?

Hey guys, long time no post but anyways...

I got a 97 F250 with the 460 (7.5L) and i have a bad exhaust leak at the drivers side manifold. My mechanic knows he can change it but is worried about destroying the A.I.R/EGR pipes in the process...

I know the EGR pipe is easy to come by but the crossover for the A.I.R is impossble to find. I was told and read defeating this system (i live in MI so no emission test) wont cause any ill effects. I had to replace my belt on that side anyways so i yanked the pully off the A.I.R pump and put on a shorter belt. All seems to be fine but ive only ran it about 10 miles.

Will i do any kind of damage to the cat, or throw a check engine on with this stuff disabled/removed? If i have to i guess i could drop some money to have a custom pipe made but id rather not because in a 2 or 3 yrs i got my sights on a superduty. But with the exhaust leak its cooking my back plug wire and i often use this truck to tow relativly long distances.

Any help is apperciated.


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I don't have enough experience with my 460 yet to give advice, however.

If the AIR has electrical connections or sensors/solenoids, then my guess is you'll get a check engine light from the delete. Easy fix is of course to pull the bulb from behind the check engine light. :geek:

Not that I would do that! Going to go make kovefefe now and muse this over some more as I'll likely encounter it over my 460 (97 F350) at some point.


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AIR leans out the heads and cat. Eventually you will carbon up the valves. It will also cause your fuel mileage to drop.
There is a silicon hose kit that is available for patching rusted or damaged heat pipes on cat or AIR systems.

I would replace it

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