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86 f 150, ocasionally stalls when I stop

I just bought an 86 150, 302. It runs good but once in a while it dies when I stop, after 3-5minutes it starts and runs fine again. My daily truck is a 97 f250 and when I have a problem I just get the codes pulled and fix it.
The local mechanic shops tell me they dont know if they can pull codes on a truck that old and they want to charge about 80 an hour to try, with no guarantee they can do it.
I was hoping someone might know whats wrong or help me with pulling the code. I would appreciate any help, info or ideas.


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The module on the distributer is getting ready to say good bye.
On the 5.0 if you dont have a timing light mark the distributor and the intake to move it so you can r&r the module. It takes a special little tool to get the 2 bolts out you can get that at the parts store
Make sure to clean the surface and put dielectric grease on there to keep the new module from premature heat failure

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Agreed, @Dustybumpers knows about these trucks. And hey it was cheaper that $80 and hour