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84 E-350 Fuel Pumps

Hi all, I hope I put this in the right forum...

I have a 84 E-350 MotorHome With a 460, Holly 4 barrel. I have the in tank fuel pumps and no other fuel pumps. I've been doing some reading on this fuel delivery system and to tell you the truth, I don't like it...LOL (Only pump while engine cranking, and if it has oil pressure) I'm a Ford fan, but don't understand what they were thinking...

My problem is and I know it is wierd, both my fuel pumps are shot... I put power to both and nothing... I even took them out and put power to the pump on it's connectors and still nothing... I know these aren't cheap and I really don't have the money to put $200 in to fuel pumps...

Is this possible...
Can I get an after market 4-7 psi pump and mount it on the frame rail in front of the tank selector?
Or can I put a manual pump on the 460, is there a lobe for the pump to run?

If this will work, since I have the pump out I will replace the "internal hose above the pump so it wouldn't suck air...

I have a 88 F-150 junked out with the 2 intank pumps and the other pump on the frame rail. but after doing part number searching, I see the intank pumps are different... And I would think the frame pump would most likely not suck the fuel and probably put out too much psi being out of a fuel injection system. Correct?

Any Ideas of a good, cheap fix?

Thanks you all for your time and help!!!

F 150Cobra

"Wild HoRsE" Got Torque?
if the pumps on the 88 are good you you can use them and use a bypas regulator and return line to lower the PSI.. to 5-7 but its more complicated.. depends on what you wanna do way you wanna take.. easy expensive.. hard way less expensive

oh wait.. i think the 88 intank pump sends 5-7 PSI and the inline pump is the one that boosts its for EFI needs.. if so you can use the 88's one! let some one else clear this up.. i cant remember now
You should be able to run a "frame" pump and be ok..

IDK about the mech pump lobe.

EFI pump Might work, BUT you will need a Fuel Pressure Regulator 'bout 100 buck for a decent one.

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