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4.0 SOHC vs OHV


They call me Spuds
Middleton, ID
So, on my quest to repair my Explorer, I've been looking into just replacing the transmission itself.

Found a complete '93 Explorer with a smashed front end for a good price.

1) will the automatic swap over to the '96?

2) I don't recall seeing many first generation Explorers with trans issues like those in the second generation. How are they for reliability...


caffeine junkie
Staff member
central Vermont
The A4LD wasn't exactly well regarded.

I also don't think it was computer-controlled, so at a minimum I'd guess you'll be getting some warning lights.


Tonto Papadapolous
Had two different Aerostars with the A4LD and put over 200,000 miles on each of them. The '91 tranny finally gave out. On the '93, the engine went before the transmission.

The weak link seemed to be an undersized tranny cooler, and towing in OD(common sense).


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I think the 93 & 96 are the same. Both are computer controlled. I swapped a 94 in to my 96 was the same. The bell housing bolts are kind of hard to get at but a long extensions and a ujoint and they come out pretty good.