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2011 F150 HD at the F150 Challenge

From the Harley Truck Owners Club Forum comes the following...

I got to drive 2011 HD-F150 #00,001 and sit in #00,002!!!!


Saturday I went to the Ford F-150 Challenge down in Aberdeen MD (full thread with pics on that tomorrow). It was an event to show off the full all-new F-150 drivetrain lineup for 2011 with the 3.7 V6, 5.0 V8, 3.5 V6 Ecoboost, and 6.2 V8. Got to test drive umpteen trucks, drag race (yes drag race!), autocross, and tow with the new pre-production 2011 lineup. Anyway more on that later, I'll link up when I post that thread.

If the ecoboost is offered in a Raptor for 2012 I'm sold! And if Ford wants to have a Gen 3 Lightning, a regular cab truck with an ecoboost engine is the friggin ticket!! Light, nimble, already turbo'ed, it'd be one nasty combination
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Looks like and sounds like a fun truck to drive. Definitely a good, yet expensive grocery getter.


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When I saw the title of this thread, I thought Ford was doing some stupid stuff with Heavy Duty trucks again like they did with the F250 LD and HD.

Pretty sweet though.

I see that the base is the 3.7 V6. I knew there had to be a base V6.


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Ecoboost would be the way to go if I was to purchase a new truck... Atleast for what I need...

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