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2-3 Shift Flare

Ok this issue is well documented and there is an applicable TSB (11-7-10). Does anyone here have experience with this issue or it's resolution? I will say that I do not notice any consistent pattern of occurrence except for that it seems to occur the first or second shift after engine start. I almost want to say at light throttle as well. My build date is 10/10 so if I read the TSB correctly it requires the replacement of three solenoids and a reflash of the transmission control unit. What is different about the solenoids (faster cycle time etc..). Is the issue dependent on the transmission fluid temperature(it would seem so).
So this intermittent issue with shift flares(2-3; delayed shift into gear from park; 1-2) has occured for about the last 15-20K miles. Because of the intermittent nature of the problem and not being able to really predict when it is likely to occur I have not pursued the fix. The dealer I have spoken with needs to reproduce the concern. They also want something like a $200 "diagnostic fee" until they reproduce the concern and assess that it is covered under warranty, not crazy about that. It would seem almost easier to buy the solenoids and perform the replacement myself.


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Unfortunately, the first step in the diagnostics is "verify concern". Imagine that they replace the solenoids and it is something else that is causing the concern. They can't go back in a second time because they have verified the repair (also a requirement). If they do, Ford audits them to see if there was any other "suspect repairs".
Yeah, that is a very valid point, just not looking forward to the process and to be honest I understand the purpose of the fee, I'd want to get paid as well.
Hey, sorry, have not had much time to check in lately. I did have the reflash performed and the problem has not repeated yet. So far so good. I did get a check engine light over the weekend. When I got home I read the code and I had 2 occurrences of P0401 - EGR Low Flow. The dealer assessed that the EGR cooler was plugged and required replacement. They were unable to give me a good answer as to why this happened considering that I do not idle excessively.