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1971 F250 Interior Components?

I hope this message finds everyone doing well.

I have a 71 F250 Camper Special. I recently pulled the 390 and fixed those pesky exhaust leaks with new cast-iron manifolds. I had the heads re-surfaced and did a complete valve job. I also installed a stock 4 barrel manifold off of a 65 T-Bird and topped it off with a new Holley 600 4bbl Carb. I tried to use an original 4bbl carb that came off of a 64 Fairlane Thunderbolt but it had a slight fuel leak. I still have it if anyone's interested.
Anyway the Truck runs amazingly well now; it's like a whole new truck!!!

So I got the itch to start replacing the interior. I don't have $ for a custom job so I am looking for turn-key components I can install myself. I want to start with door Panels. I see LMC Truck does replacement versions. Are they any good? How are their parts in general? What about headliners? I don't see any on LMC. Any other websites that offer replacement interior components?
I would like to install a molded carpet kit but am afraid I will need to replace the floor pans. What's a good site for sheet metal?

Thanks Guys and have a great Thanksgiving!!!



They call me Spuds
Middleton, ID
Are you on LMC website or in the booklet they mail you?

I've seen a couple headliners in the catalog. Their parts are decent, most are repro and are usually close to original but not always.

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