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08 F350 Bed loose

Just bought an 08 F350 Supercab with 8 foot bed. When I open the tailgate and pull out the built in step and step on it the front of the bed moves up and down slightly. It looks like the cross rail that holds the bed to the frame is rust rotted. Anyone ever have this problem and how do I go about repairing it? Thank you in advance


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Charter Member
Keep the forum posted on your progress. I hope to get mine started this month.

Things that are not sure seem to move at a snails pace here on a parts run for my new 02 f350 tomorrow, have to button as much up on it so I can get it out of the shop. Then load to Hattiesburg Ms and make a few rounds in the semi, hopefully be back home in a week and a half or so, so I can get the 02 titled and hopefully the performance goodies are in so I can get them installed......itll probably be mid winter before I pull the bed on my wife's truck.....

my old truck had that issue... i was just going to cut the old ones off and weld in some square tube same diameter as the original height was.. but gave it to my brother before i got around to doing it..
Has your brother made any moves to repair it? He should join the forum here!

not that i know of.. hes not that handy with vehicles... he can change oil.. do brakes... change burned out bulb.. small things like that.. hes more a computer guy than a car guy...

plus my old truck wasnt a smilieFordlogo

I'd thought about that approach as well

I may end up having to do it on Lil dually as her beds starting it around the attachment points for the lower fender supports attach to the bed..
Ordered the Dorman Kit. RA had it for $283 with the shipping. Only problem is that it doesn't come with the 'Front Sill or the Rea Sill'. I even called Dorman but no real answer or recommendation as to what to do about the Sills.

Any recommendations for buying online?

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