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  1. Jasperrc

    67 F250 restomod - nice article

    Always had a soft spot for gen 5 trucks and this one is a beauty!
  2. Jasperrc

    1972 F100 Shortbed Bumpside Project

    Good looking truck! My first pickup looked just like that, same color and everything but was a '71, 240 i6, and three on the tree.Good luck with your upgrades!
  3. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday CowboyBilly9Mile

    Happy belated birthday!
  4. Jasperrc

    Got a new Gen.10

    Looks great!
  5. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    Beautiful truck, super straight!Tell us more!
  6. Jasperrc

    Server Move/Forum Software Upgrade

    Glad the updates are happening. I've seen a couple of my favorite forums go down for good because the platform wasn't up to date and spammers made it miserable to participate.
  7. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    This truck didn't come with air so we added a unit from Nostalgic A/C in 2015, runs R134a.
  8. Jasperrc

    1997 F-350 Longbed 7.5L

    I like how you started out with the important stuff(stereo), lol.You keep checking things off the list, glad you are getting things done!
  9. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    A/C wasn't cooling so I added freon, much better!
  10. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    Yeah, and it's certainly harder for you guys that have to deal with hard winters. I can drive mine year around which makes it easier for sure.
  11. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday kiwi f150

    Happy very belated birthday!
  12. Jasperrc

    Greetings From Webster NY

    Welcome from Texas!
  13. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    Nice, glad you were able to get them out a little bit!
  14. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday SuperCab

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Jasperrc

    NEW F150 EV Lightning...WANT!

    That's awesome! Hopefully the chip shortage issue can be resolved and they will actually be able to build them.A buddy of mine was just notified that his new Bronco has been delayed with no date set yet.
  16. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday toddabartlett72

    Happy birthday!
  17. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday 68F1006.4

    Happy belated birthday!
  18. Jasperrc

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    I've head the reason for batteries being so poor compared to the old days is W-mart forcing their manufacturer to make them cheap and other folks had to do the same or not be able to sell a battery.Ken, glad you got your trucks going!
  19. Jasperrc


    Might be better to move this to the Gen 10 forum ;)Looks like the lone wire (tach side) goes to the tach and may go to the distributor as well. On the dual wires (batt) one wire goes to the distributor and ignition switch and the second to the radio noise capacitor.I don't have one of these...
  20. Jasperrc

    Now at 342,000 Miles

    Excursions are a beast for sure!Afraid I can't answer about the shocks though.
  21. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday sbluke55

    Happy belated Birthday!
  22. Jasperrc

    Engine swap

    I poked around and this may or may not be right but TE-AB seems pretty clear so that's what I used to narrow things down. I found this for big block fords, D9TE-AB – 1979-1984, 429/460 Big-Block Ford, 2-bolt mains, Truck.It looks like there were several different options for the 460 in 78...
  23. Jasperrc


    Welcome from north Texas!
  24. Jasperrc

    Engine swap

    I believe on the 460, the engine casting number is on the rear of the block by the starter. That should tell you the year.Not sure what might need to be modified to get it in your truck. What engine are you replacing with it?
  25. Jasperrc

    Happy to be a Fanatic

    Welcome to FTF!Love what Make A Wish does, glad you can do that!
  26. Jasperrc

    Door hinge check springs

    Looks like only 67-72 had those types of springs on the door hinges.Looks like they are available from a number of sources.
  27. Jasperrc


    Welcome from Texas!
  28. Jasperrc

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    Man, looks good!
  29. Jasperrc

    Happy Birthday DNFXDLI

    Dang, happy very belated Birthday Dunkin!