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  1. Fuel line connector OMG!

    I don't come here much Sorry. I need help again 90 F150 4x4 5.0 rear tank fuel line connector I can't find the right one. I have looked and wrote it different so many times I have messed myself up! Have they made a new one that looks different but works. I'm about to give up cause it's about to...
  2. 1990 bed bolts

    Can someone please tell me how to remove my bed bolts. I got the 2 at the tail gate out and that's it. Here's what I've tried I've welded a bar that was long enough to be welded to both middle 2 bolts and welded 1 front to the bed itself and the other I welded a small bar to it. The bolts will...
  3. thanks

    It's taken care of.
  4. Newby

    Hello my favs are 67 thru 72 I've had 3 a 69, 70, 72 .Well that don't include all the others I've had but now I just have a 1990 F150 super cab 4x4 5.0 auto. It's a fixer upper LOL. Hope to get some of your guys help on it anyway Thanks.