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  1. dustybumpers

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    They are not check valves, but are pressure regulators to keep from blowing out the check valves. If you put those on a 87-89 you will have a real problem as that IS NOT THE PROBLEM.the recalls were for 92-97 which has a check valve in the fuel pump. Those turcks have a 2 pump high pressure in...
  2. dustybumpers

    Ways to help bring in more members and attract new activity

    Some origional members that stuck it out through thick and thin have been given a feeling they dont belong. Only reason I answered here is because Billy hit me on Facebook messenger about the thread.You need to concentrate on old members that were active before, and stopped posting to see...
  3. dustybumpers

    1988 F250 351W starter heatsoak?

    Make sure to use a 94 wiring harness for the battery. It comes with the hot wire from battery to starter, battery to solenoid. also has a new trigger wire, half the size of the original.Have done this swap on 3 of my bricks. The 90 351 starts so fast I doubt the flywheel goes all the way...
  4. dustybumpers

    97 F250 HD 460 question?

    AIR leans out the heads and cat. Eventually you will carbon up the valves. It will also cause your fuel mileage to drop. There is a silicon hose kit that is available for patching rusted or damaged heat pipes on cat or AIR systems.I would replace it
  5. dustybumpers

    The Case of the 12 Year Fuel Filter

    Someone has put a 85-91 filter in there. 92 to present is longer so you can get the tool in there.You have to cut the filter off between the rib and the line, then put the tool in the line and grab what remains of the filter line with a pair of needle nose pliers. The springs that hold the...
  6. dustybumpers

    Temperature gauge erratic

    You have to run until the thermostat opens. If you run on warm up you are not running the whole system, only through heater core, and top end {and in your case 5.8 throttle body} until it opens. once it opens the heads and block become involved
  7. dustybumpers

    Temperature gauge erratic

    My exhaust tester is a dollar bill. idle the truck/car. Walk back and hold the dollar bill by the edge, take it near the pipe. It should flap and try to blow it away. If it flaps and sucks it in and flaps you have a miss on a cylinder.
  8. dustybumpers

    Alternator replacement for '89 F250 460 engine

    Lookie here Can't let you out do me! Added a electric fan and modern high torque starter too
  9. dustybumpers

    Shakey idle

    No throttle pin on your or his truck. He is talking from YouTube. At least he tried to help you I Thank him for that. No one else doesYour new symptoms I answered. Sorry.
  10. dustybumpers

    Temperature gauge erratic

    Coolant instantly spitting out of a closed system is vapor lock. Better pressure test. You may find your miss. My bet, a head gasket is going south. What happens if you let it sit and idle to get the vapor lock out? Hopefully I can check back in, if not, pm heavy doc, get him to text me
  11. dustybumpers

    '78 F150 Ranger Lariat

    Yeah. Right. That truck probably has 2 feet of dust on it by now......
  12. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    Missed the other post. Not able to use the phone anymoreThe wiring harness changed. Not sure when/ what model. Pretty sure if your luck is like mine you will need the kit if you dont order it
  13. dustybumpers

    Genset engine

    I re-wired my lift pump on mine to run constant. Just make sure to keep the pressure below 5 lbs. No faith in a mechanical pump anymore
  14. dustybumpers

    My new helper

    Nice!I'ma gonna nickname him Tom tho....... 🤪
  15. dustybumpers

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    Very nice! I had a 74 that same color. Sorry when I had to leave that truck goSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    14.95 is ok. What does it do while your watching it and someone starts turning everything on?Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    I thought you had already changed the coil a while back. I'd go for that. Coil break down inside can be very contrary.I'd also think about putting a volt gauge on it see if your getting some feedback from your alternatorSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. dustybumpers

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    Like jake said, careful with Volvo parts. There is a reason most Volvo's and Mack's are now automatics. My son has a fairly new tractor deadline because some clutch parts are unavailable Same with his other truck. Front end parts are ordered, nonexistentSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. dustybumpers

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    Watch the firewall. Early trucks used to crack and break from clutch. They made a plate for them. I have it on 2 of my trucksSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. dustybumpers

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    What would happen if you machined the bushings out of hardened steel and put a grease zero in there?Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  21. dustybumpers

    Low Oil Pressure?

    I would change the oil to the Rotella first before I did anything. At least that will tell you if its a lifter issue or not.Flat tappet motors dont like synthetic oil, so once you freshen it up, at least use a synthetic blend.I remember a while back an additive of zdp you could put in them...
  22. dustybumpers

    Low Oil Pressure?

    You already have the mechanical gauge, so that would be the test.Not sure what oil your running. The old girls don't like synthetic. Try some shell Rotella 15w 40 diesel oil in there. Could be lifter issue as well. I'd probably pull it and freshen it up, being your keeping it forever. Money...
  23. dustybumpers

    Low Oil Pressure?

    Yeah, I wouldn't be running it a whole bunch like that. Could be other things, but oil pump is a startDo you hear any ticking or rattling at idle?Oil pump is rais motor, pull pan, pull pump, replace. Not as easy as I made it sound.... You should pull some bearings and see how they look, rod...
  24. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    So that is all normal. No vacuum leaks. I would clean the fuel rail, then if still having a problem do a compression check.Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  25. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    Almost acts like fuel pressure regulator. Does the vacuum line smell like gas when you pull it off?What does the iac do when you kick the a/c on?What does it do when you unplug the maf while running?What does it do if you unplug the maf vacuum line and thumb over it then bump up the...
  26. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    I can't find the one I used to use. This is on Amazon Couldn't get it to link to this site, hope screen shot works.I would also try some sea foam in the tanksSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  27. dustybumpers

    Weak cylinder/injector #7

    Iac is mostly idle control, and shouldn't cause a miss. They do carbon up and can cause some issues, mostly say when you coast to a stop, could even cause a stall. Years ago ford had a tsb on these, and made a kit, was a plate between the plenum and the iac. I put one on my 90. It has screws in...
  28. dustybumpers

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    Wow. Beautiful work. I like how that turned outSent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  29. dustybumpers

    87 Grand Marquis Help

    Pump in the tank is a lift pump, one in the frame is the high pressure pump. 1990 they went to high pressure pump in the tank, with a check valve to make sure the fuel returned to the tank it came from. Not a problem in the cars, but trucks had 2 tanks, and when the check valve fails it fills...