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  1. Fellro


    Definitely would like to see/hear more on the conversion. I did one on a 92 F350, which was pretty straight forward, but I know the older generations like yours are a bit more challenging.
  2. Fellro

    1987 Ford F150 XLT Lariat Std Cab - Looking for a part...

    Too fancy for anything I have - lol. Everything here is a manual crank/lock.Rock Auto has them new for $12.72 if you have your plug DORMAN 901302 {E7TZ14529A, 901-302
  3. Fellro

    Hello all from Tennessee!

    Custom components are always a fun thing to play with. Welcome aboard!
  4. Fellro

    My late grandfathers 1995 F150

    Now that is clean!
  5. Fellro

    1972 F100 Shortbed Bumpside Project

    At least the push rods are all the same length...I took an old postal box and poked holes through it to put the push rods in when I take them out now.
  6. Fellro

    72 Ranchero GT

    NIce looking rig! As for keeping it original, but tolerable, you can get some dash covers that are good quality. As to the roof, if you want it original looking or don't mind the patina, you can get clear coats to keep it from getting worse or being semi isolated, do just a repaint on the roof...
  7. Fellro

    1986 F350 460 auto 4X4 DRW spark and starting problem

    You should have a carb, so no crank sensor. The distributor does the job of sensor essentially. The relay in question is actually for trailer lights.Thelow/no spark condition does seem a bit challenging, and having low miles makes it own issues. While I have my doubts, ignition switch is a...
  8. Fellro

    VIN plate

    I always thaought it strange the VIN tag was attached to the door, and item that is fairly common to need to swap.
  9. Fellro

    1972 F100 Shortbed Bumpside Project

    Yeah, the blue back then was a bit lighter. I know the feeling, just comes down to whether you are willing to take it back down later to get it how you want or just get it done now while it already is apart. I know quite well about things not getting done on a preferred time schedule, mine has...
  10. Fellro

    Fuel issues

    Grounding issues will definitely cause problems..
  11. Fellro

    Towing a 1983 F250 with automatic transmission

    What cab length? Extended cabs have 2 piece as do crew cabs. My 86 4wd is a single, and I believe the 2wd standard cab is also a single. If a double, the carrier bearing is stationary so the slip joint is behind it. Also, it is good practice to be sure to mark the ujoint alignment before...
  12. Fellro

    Towing a 1983 F250 with automatic transmission

    2 u-bolts over the ujoint if I recall. Should be a Dana axle on that one. Grab some duct tape to hold the ujoint together. Just take the nuts off, pry the joint forward to get the u-bolts out if they aren't rusted in.
  13. Fellro

    New Member

    The old 6.9's can be quite the beast. Not fast, but durable.
  14. Fellro


    Welcome! My sister and brother in law live in Boise.
  15. Fellro

    Greetings from the Mountain Fortress of Montana

    Welcome! I have been keeping my 86 going much the same way. It does what I ask of it and just keeps on going. Main reason they get retired around here is they rust into such condition they aren't worth trying any more. Met my best friend 30+ years ago over a 1970 GT-6.
  16. Fellro

    1986 F150 Temperature Gage Not Wroking

    It's been a couple years so don't fully remember how I did it, but don't recall doing it that way.
  17. Fellro

    1986 F150 Temperature Gage Not Wroking

    It actually isn't quite as bad as it looks, but is definitely a messy job. I did it from the top side. I had to do it on an 88.
  18. Fellro

    Fuel issues

    They are largely correct, 92 did drop the switching valves and relied on the fuel pumps to do it as they also eliminated the front high pressure pump. There may be a check valve at the fuel pump as well. Sorry I overlooked the year in the post...
  19. Fellro

    1986 F150 Temperature Gage Not Wroking

    That is not the sensor for the gauge. It is on the passenger side in the block towards the rear of the engine. I had to change mine a while back. Not the greatest place to get to, but ends up not being as bad as it looks. It does have a single wire to it.
  20. Fellro

    Fuel issues

    This is the passive valve, the one Sparky showed is more for diesels, and electrically controlled.
  21. Fellro

    Texassanchez here

    Welcome! I checked out your clutch master thread but at the moment don't have a suggestion for you as I am not familiar with one that new, I'm stuck back the generation before it.
  22. Fellro

    Fuel issues

    Largely, yes. 2 bolts and 6 lines.
  23. Fellro

    Fuel issues

    The switching valve is known to have issues on these trucks. It is a passive valve that is supposed to switch back and forth like a check valve when each pump is powered. They can fail to do so and then return the fuel to the previous tank. It can also restrict fuel from getting to the motor. It...
  24. Fellro

    Hi from Charlie B 1995 F350 5.8liter EFI NEED A PCM

    The dealership can also just give you the part numbers which then you can use to buy the ecm elsewhere. You need to know the original part number so you get the right calibration and such. I scrapped a car becauser the prior owners had swapped the ecm and it was old enough the dealers didn't...
  25. Fellro

    Hi from Charlie B 1995 F350 5.8liter EFI NEED A PCM

    I looked it up on Rock Auto to see what info they required and found this
  26. Fellro

    New Here

    Nice truck! Definitely ask away.
  27. Fellro

    7.3 IDI Educate me

    Ok, so now I can spend a little time on getting into this a bit more. The 7.3 IDI has the updated glow plug controller and was typically what the previous systems generally updated to. They did not go into the valve covers, the glow plugs are accessible from the intake manifold. They are a bit...
  28. Fellro

    7.3 IDI Educate me

    I will dig into this later. There are a lot of positives and negatives as with any but the darn things can be quite reliable and comparatively lower cost to keep running typically. They definitely won't win races without a ton of work, but will pull pretty much anything you want. I scaled my 6.9...
  29. Fellro

    400 valve adjustment

    There is no adjusting the lash while running on these motors. You torque the rocker bolts to 18 ft lbs and done. If adjustment is needed, you have to shim the rocker pedestal.
  30. Fellro

    Transmission Failure, P0720 Code Need Help

    Unfortunately, it may well be possible there is a clutch or other hard part failure. I just wanted to get the easy part out of the way. It is amazing how many people overlook those simple things. It does sound like classic forward clutch failure. You most definitely can have working reverse and...