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  1. A Very Good Friend from Yesteryear....

    That's pretty cool, and there is nothing wrong with going outside of the crowd, cause that's how some of the best successes have come about is going outside of the normal. Those are some sweet looking broncos too! So did you have a great time visiting with him?
  2. Happy Birthday PIG!

    Happy birthday! Just don't call me saying there is snow in palm tree's......that's the earliest call I've had in three years of college.
  3. Happy Birthday nobodyspecial

    I missed it too, but been busy, happy birthday man!
  4. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    That's probably why mines so quiet, how much were the dual high flow cats?
  5. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    Right now she sounds about as loud as a poopy flavored lolly pop is good, haha. What kind of cats are you running? Right now she has about a 200 rpm range she rumbles, but my 99 was louder at start up, or so it seems to me, Start up she runs real quiet. Guess we'll see, may need to do cat delete...
  6. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    Well, got the flowsound muffler similar to docs on, basically a flowmaster 40 original. Truck straightpiped was quieter than my 99 4.6 with dual flowmaster 40's, and with the muffler on, it's barely louder than stock. Kinda sad a 5.4 isn't all that loud. Oh well i guess, least i didn't do duals...
  7. No crank after welding

    Glad you found the problem! Now I need to do some modifications to the exhaust on my truck, haha
  8. OUCH ! Damn Tailgate

    Yikes, I'd rather go scrounging junkyards to find a decent tailgate!
  9. Best Motor

    Hell, that's what my 2002 F-150 gets on average stock. :headbang:
  10. Best Motor

    Holley carbs are known for getting terrible gas mileage. I ran a a Holley 650 or 700 double pumper on my 78 400 with a Edelbrock single plane intake, but that was for performance and not efficiency. Changing out carbs would help out some as others have said.
  11. Thoughts on Lincoln Mark VII/VIII's

    I just know about the engine, and that's why I'd pick one up, slap some good forged internals in, twin turbo's, and hell yeah, have some sleeperish fun!
  12. Thoughts on Lincoln Mark VII/VIII's

    You have a very good point Ernie, don't forget F-150's had some sort of air suspension option, at least I seen that in the owners manual etc.I'd touch a Mark 8 for one reason, hijack the engine, and be on my way :wasntme: But that aside, the air suspension leaves you :hammer: :headbang:
  13. Thoughts on Lincoln Mark VII/VIII's

    I would do no such thing.....haha, ok maybe i would get ya in trouble...It's always a good platform for the future when you consider a rebuild if you keep it that long. 300hp is a good number out of a coupe, and plenty for a daily driver. Too bad the 5.4's never had B-heads :wasntme: If so...
  14. Thoughts on Lincoln Mark VII/VIII's

    Your welcome on the info bro, try to help out. It's a good engine, and I don't believe the DOHC's have the problems that some of the SOHC's have. Also depends on what you plan on doing, but always a good engine candidate for boost. Believe it's a 6 bolt main block smilietease , but if you go...
  15. Thoughts on Lincoln Mark VII/VIII's

    The benefit of the Mark VIII's is that they have the 4.6 with B-Heads (2 intake ports per cylinder) and is the Teksid block, which is considered the strongest aluminum factory block available, and well, the B-heads are great for flow, and usually applicable in the boost scenarios. I'd suggest...
  16. just thought i would say hello

    Welcome to FTF, hope you have a good time on here!
  17. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    Thanks for the pics so far Doc, and yea it was manually put on by Lane, his roomate and my friend Robert, and I, and lets just say Lane decided against a body lift on his truck without jacks, and a good area to work in, lol.
  18. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    Haha, well mine does have the lift, as some people make the disregard "it's harder to work on the engine" yes and no, in some areas, it's more room to get to spark plugs etc, yes, the body is higher, but better clearances. But when ya get a chance, i'd love to see pictures, methinks it's too...
  19. Doc.....exhaust questions on 2002 5.4

    So, I've been thinking of either running a flowmaster 40 in place of the stock muffler, or doing true duals similar to doc's cept exiting under the bedside in front of the tire. Could you help me out doc when you have time with a picture of the pipe routing over the frame on each side? I'd...
  20. No crank after welding

    That's a good point Mil1ion.I was thinking if there is arcing from muffler to frame, frame being a ground, there is a positive charge going to the starter, but is being transferred through the metal to the muffler to the frame, as electricity likes taking the shortest route possible. At least...
  21. No crank after welding

    I know when the exhaust was welded on my 99 F-150, they hadn't disconnected the batter, but most welding was done off the truck until the h pipe and connecting to stock pipes. Where was the ground at (as 64 asked), and did you look through the wires the smoke was coming from? I'm sure someone...
  22. Hard to get motivated to work on the truck....

    How close are you to getting done? Sometimes the best motivation is the motivation to get back to a warm place :P How I was loading my sand bags tonight.
  23. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    Just got the time serted FX4 back. My brother took me up to get it today. Guess a shop that his co-worker took his truck to has had 3 2008 F-150 low mileage V-8's come in with blown spark plugs....But least mines fixed for now :D and I made it back safe, so hopefully no more blow outs in the...
  24. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    Aight, well my brother gets off work in bout 15 mins, so we'll see what he says, he called last night to see what the word was on it. The shop said it should be out by the end of the day, just the tool and spark plug hole weren't exactly cooperating. Need to find a ride to get cigs.It's the...
  25. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    360,000 is a lot of miles. I'm gonna try to keep under 150,000 on the FX4 and save up, and see what happens in the next 20,000 miles on it.
  26. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    That's a lot of miles on the Superduties. I guess I got burned on this truck when I got it from Long McArthur because of the extremely bad financing experience and after a month, there were no calls or letters from them. I paid Midway the money for the coil because I don't have a place to work...
  27. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    $160 in labor, $92 on a coil, $4, 7 more to go=priceless. She'll be running, but gonna have Midway see what they can get me into so I don't have to deal with this issue again on this 5.4. May take a while but gonna drive it the bare minimal, and save for another down payment. When in college...
  28. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    I know as far as my engineering classes thus far, failure on a large scale isn't whats wanted. After visiting with my brother and doing research, there are quite a few flying spark plugs, and most common on the 5.4's although it does happen on the 4.6's occasionally. His employee last year had...
  29. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    Luckily it didn't screw up the fuel rail or the coil on plug as far as breaking the tab or the rubber, but guess we'll see the fix, just glad I wasn't on interstate or down here with it. Just guess after having one go, the fear the rest will soon come as well is my fear. Just hope it doesn't...
  30. 2002 5.4 Either spit a plug or came loose......HELP?!?!?

    Well, it limped on the trailer, and limped off at the dealership. Guess fix it and don't drive it much n trade it off as my brother suggested and get out of it before it costs me more down the road, as far as what I go for, it won't be Ford but just don't wanna wind up with this trouble modulars...