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  1. Dealer says nothing is wrong!!

    Guys, My friend’s truck has been to the Dealership now three times in the last ~year. Each time they tell him nothing is wrong. However, he sees white smoke as thick as paste behind him for a couple seconds once a month driving his truck twice a week. He has been pulled over by the highway...
  2. Can someone run a VIN for me?

    Dealer Says Nothing is wrong!!Hi Guys, Happy Mother Day!!! My buddy has taken his '08 F250 6.4 to the dealership twice in the last ~year. They say nothing is wrong. But he sees white smoke thick as paste behind him for a couple seconds once a month driving his truck twice a week. He has been...
  3. Battery Clamp Bolt

    Thanks for the advise. I've also heard some of the Auto Parts stores sell replacment bolts in the HELP section. I'm now dealing with trying to get the super corroded hold down bolt that's broken off and won't come out. Always looks to improve these items when possible. thanks again!!
  4. Battery Clamp Bolt

    After a battery service on my ’09 F350 I noticed there was not much left of the factory carriage bolts that do the clamping on the post clamp. I see says they don’t sell the bolt separately, you must buy the entire cable. Anybody found a better replacement bolt other than the stock...
  5. P0299 & P0234 codes come up

    as always, thanks for your help! Werner
  6. P0299 & P0234 codes come up

    '06 F350 with 77K miles Some towing last weekend, first the green wrench comes on the way out, then on the way home the check engine light stays on. Both codes come up in the memory of the scanner. Both self tests show all good. Wondering if there's a established check list to work my way down...
  7. Price Findings For Power Services Diesel Kleen

    Diesel Kleen says it won't harm your exhaust of your 2007 later year truck. But I see a lot of guys on this website use it. Most of them have older trucks that 2007. What's going on? Can I use it in my '06 6.0? Thanks
  8. 6.0 Going through the motions

    Ok, thanks. Next time I tow I'm thinking hook up the scanner and watch the readings. I'll get a book so I know which accronym (sensors) to keep a close eye on.
  9. 6.0 Going through the motions

    Guys, Any chance I could get some feedback on questions 1 - 5? I have the feedback you guys gave me from the VIN scan on my first post. Much appreciated!!!
  10. 6.0 Going through the motions

    I've been ramping up on all the info from this great site, trying to do all the "right" things to get a true picture of my (new to me)trucks motor status. It's a '06 F350. Running the VIN gained me the informaiton pasted below for a good starting reference point. (thanks guys!) I've gathered the...
  11. Can someone run a VIN for me?

    Thanks again. I have much to learn. I will be reading about flushing the cooling system in detail. I found the report on your site today and will be studying it this week. Werner
  12. Can someone run a VIN for me?

    Thanks for that. Do the other items seem typical or more that a "decent" truck should have? I need to make a decision about buy this truck or trying to find a better one. Thanks again. Werner
  13. Can someone run a VIN for me?

    Thanks guysOk, so it's had a few. Since I'm new to this, I need to study carefully. I only left a $100 deposit. So I can walk away if this is real bad news. I was to conclude the deal this Tuesday. Can you guys tell me about the concerns I get from this report? So the last time this truck was...
  14. Can someone run a VIN for me?

    Well this is the same subject so I’ll give it a try. Not sure if I should start a new post or not. I’m looking to buy a 06 F350. I’ve been shopping for quite a while, found a couple that seem decent. Put a deposit on one but it would sure be helpful if I could get a report on the VIN of the...
  15. Hi Guys

    Been a Ford fanatic for over 30 years. Owned many, raced a couple, and am looking to update from my '70 F250 to a 06 F350. I saw that guys were submitting there VIN's and getting a report back on the service that took place on the truck they want to buy. That a huge benefit, so I'm going to post...