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  1. Austin

    Getting rid of heavy cigarette smell

    Looks like most have touched on it, but the best method is to simply clean all of the interior surfaces.An ozone machine will work wonders for eliminating anything that remains trapped in textiles as well as in the dash and ventilation system.
  2. Austin

    Interior grime,YUCK!

    I'm late... but I know things!Optimum Polymer Technologies sells everything you need to maintain and clean car stuffs.For your seat (and any unpainted interior parts), I'd use Optimum's Power Clean at a 10:1 dilution ratio. Spray onto the seat, agitate with a soft brush, wipe away the...
  3. Austin

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    I need to find a better solution
  4. Austin

    DNFXDLI's 79 F150 Build Part 2

    What's an lp? smilietease
  5. Austin

    Happy Birthday Austin

    Also, happy birthday to Taylor! :D
  6. Austin

    I needs some help as my name suggests

    I've had some issues with grounding on these trucks. Try double checking the integrity of the ground, or run a jumper.
  7. Austin


    I'd easily have 3 grand in interior parts, exterior paint and body changes, wheels, etc. by swapping an HD over.
  8. Austin


    So I've schemed up my next vehicle purchase, and it'll be probably the most thought out to date! For the longest of time, I've wanted a Harley Davidson F-150 simply because they're supercharged, but I don't care for the looks of them.Here's my ponder, or game plan (pondering a game plan?)...
  9. Austin

    Is there a fix...Vince???

    My grandmother's 08 has similar issues, though no leak. Can't nail a trend with it acting up since I don't have much seat time in it.Oh, and be glad you don't have the 20" wheels... $235/piece for Michelin tires at cost!
  10. Austin

    Happy Birthday Ridgerunner

    Happy birthday Cliff!
  11. Austin

    New to fourm with excursion

    Welcome! Really like the running board lights.
  12. Austin

    New Facelifted Ranger

    I liked the previous face. I like this one more.
  13. Austin

    2005 6.leaker little/no heat

    EATC or manual controls?
  14. Austin

    My new van v3

    :rofl:So funny, I'd have to issue you a Citation!
  15. Austin

    My new van v3

    Is there an abridged version of this saga, or do you plan to publish a novel series? smilietease
  16. Austin

    New Guy

    Welcome! Looks like a fun project. Whereabouts are you located?
  17. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    The barn-ish doors are great for how I have it set up currently. Don't need the bottom doors open unless I'm pulling something larger out. One thing that does suck is that they only open about 89*; I'd rather something closer to 100 or 120* so I have a little more room in tight spaces.I would...
  18. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    Thanks Doug, I think it'll work well for the future. The last word is 'Shininess'
  19. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    Estimated OE replacement parts plus labor come out to just north of $600, which he cannot pay. Too little to justify on insurance, so I could use some help here. Looking for the lower cladding in any color (though I'd obviously prefer the gray so I don't have to paint it). I can get a new...
  20. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    So, my grandfather decided he couldn't wait on me to wake up before starting a fire two feet from my truck...
  21. Austin

    For sale 2005 F750 4x4

    25 thousand reasons I do need to eat this year.
  22. Austin

    My New Van...V2

    I've done oil changes on a few of them with the 3.5 and enjoyed looking at them. Plenty of Connects on the roads, only a few Transits.
  23. Austin

    V5...The Dents We Find

    I've wanted to lose some weight anyway...
  24. Austin

    V5...The Dents We Find
  25. Austin

    V5...The Dents We Find

    Ponders not eating or paying rent this month...
  26. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    Thanks Roy!I know a guy... :DVery much thanks!Thanks! It's been a self examination of sorts to truly understand my skill and worth. Talk about feeling empowered know all of the numbers, though!The tranny was going out, so she went off to auction.And a kind thanks to you!
  27. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    Only if I can be smuggled across the border!
  28. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    Thanks Ryan. I'm still learning my hand on the business side, but a recent meetup with a big time detailer in Tennessee has helped me put some numbers in place to track much more than I have in the past.Thanks Ken!Glass cleaner is an easy one, I use Stoners foaming cleaner. But you can...
  29. Austin

    Got one of these here things now...

    And I can't drive as I normally do. :wasntme:Thanks Mark. That's one of my latest clients after a show.