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  1. crazyredneckanyhow

    WTB:4.56 or 4.88 gears

    Ive got a set of 456 for a d60 rear. Bout 500 mi on them.
  2. crazyredneckanyhow

    Post up a pic of what your truck looks like TODAY!

    Deprogress as usual. Its back to just a frame.
  3. crazyredneckanyhow

    My 78 SC build/question thread

    Is that a shortbed? I didnt think they made any shortbed 4wd 73-79
  4. crazyredneckanyhow

    efi to carb

    So ive got an 89 F-150 im swapping a carbed 460 into. Anyone have an idea how to hook up throttle linkage? The efi has the long cable and im not sure how to hook up my carb. Also in need of some parts from an 83-96 truck with a factory 460.
  5. crazyredneckanyhow

    Best dentside video ever?!

    I believe its 572 at this point.
  6. crazyredneckanyhow

    Best dentside video ever?!

    I think seth nixed the 600ci because of monies. Its damn near close to that though i believe.
  7. crazyredneckanyhow

    Best dentside video ever?!

    So how about i tell you its got an even bigger motor in it now. Can we say way upwards of 500 ci
  8. crazyredneckanyhow

    supercab longbed wheelbase

    Is it somewhere in the area of 158" ?
  9. crazyredneckanyhow

    Got my new wheels on!

    looks good. whats hiding under the hood?
  10. crazyredneckanyhow

    ***Wanted/Selling dent/bump parts***

    Got a 78/9 Dana 60 front. Has 3.54 gears. complete hub to hub. $1100 or trade for 78/9 bronco and or bronco parts. Let me know what you got to trade.
  11. crazyredneckanyhow

    Hood Mod

    Looks good. I thought bout that for my crew but i think now im gonna do a heat exchanger.
  12. crazyredneckanyhow

    Got a message from Cheeto

    Well i appreciate all the prayers from yall. Seems that in the condition his lungs are in that he cant eat certain foods. HE had some pumpkin pie that had a bunch of cinnimon that took his breath. We had to put him on oxygen and bag him several times. It was defintatly life threatening but hes...
  13. crazyredneckanyhow

    Oh Dennis

    So the sender went right into the 205? What did you do about the gauges?
  14. crazyredneckanyhow

    Oh Dennis

    Pig truck has np205?
  15. crazyredneckanyhow

    Oh Dennis

    I mean just to know how fast im goin.
  16. crazyredneckanyhow

    Oh Dennis

    SO i heard that the 79 and up vans used an electric speedo sender in the tranny? Will these work in a 25 transfer case?
  17. crazyredneckanyhow

    R.I.P. Dad

    tonight ill send one up for ya carl
  18. crazyredneckanyhow

    Body Work

    I took 3 yrs of collision repair in school. And i dont ever remember fixing one wrecked car. All we did was build street rods. Ill be honest no matter how many books you read or hom many hundreds of dollars you spend on top notch tools its something that you have to get a feel on.
  19. crazyredneckanyhow


    Tex i saw sumthin just up your alley the other day. At the gas station sat a 77 F-150 2wd shortbed with a 302 4 spd. Absolutly no rust and factory paint. Turns out he just moved here from texas a few months ago. Wont come off the truck though.
  20. crazyredneckanyhow

    no good ford v8's?

    Nope. Windsor is a 302 block. The M is a bastard basically. Kinda a grown up cleveland of sorts. Has a 460 bellhousing.Id like to sell the 429 for the right money. But shipping it from wv to wa might get pricey
  21. crazyredneckanyhow

    no good ford v8's?

    For the right price i will
  22. crazyredneckanyhow

    no good ford v8's?

    Yes Cheeto did refer to himself in 3rd person.
  23. crazyredneckanyhow

    no good ford v8's?

    Guess what Cheeto has in his highboy smilieneenar
  24. crazyredneckanyhow

    no good ford v8's?

    Silly kids. Nobody has mentioned the only V8 that matters. The fo-sexy (460).
  25. crazyredneckanyhow

    Hey shortbed guys

    Go from the lowest point on the wheel well
  26. crazyredneckanyhow

    Hey shortbed guys

    I need a couple measurements. I need the measurement from the front of the bed to the front of the wheelwell. Lowest part of the bed would be a good place to get that measurement. I also need a measurement from the back of the wheelwell to the rear of the bed.
  27. crazyredneckanyhow

    North East role call .

    Crap hole WV. Bout 45 min from morgantown
  28. crazyredneckanyhow

    Transfer case....blew up?

    Or the fact that they wont bolt up and have a pass side drop. smilieFordlogo
  29. crazyredneckanyhow

    Transfer case....blew up?

    You need a transfer from a ford. Chebbys and dodges are completely different.