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  1. 89frankenford

    Hey Ford people

    Welcome to the site!
  2. 89frankenford

    Hello from MI, via TX via UK!!

    Very nice looking truck! Welcome to the club!
  3. 89frankenford

    hello all new to the forum!

    Welcome to the club!
  4. 89frankenford

    new guy introduction

    Welcome! Post of pictures of the truck for us to check out :)
  5. 89frankenford

    1950 ford f2 build thread

    Nice project, and from the pictures seems fairly clean as well! what are the plans for this? are you keeping it all original?
  6. 89frankenford

    The resto BEGINS 91 F350

    This is what I wanted to do to mine (since I rebuilt the entire chassis...). I just didn't have experience in body work and am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes this stuff. I'll definitely be following this project!
  7. 89frankenford

    Lincoln alternator

    Thanks! lol. I figured i should stop by, offer my advice/knowledge and say hi :wavey:
  8. 89frankenford

    Lincoln alternator

    Well, I would say if you can get it running, put a volt meter on the alternator and see how much voltage your getting to the battery.
  9. 89frankenford

    Happy Birthday 89frankenford, Captain p4

    Thanks everyone! Its been a great birthday so far. Definitely enjoying the Floirda weather and do not want to drive home tomorrow back to New Hampshire haha. Leaving for Floyd's Shrimp house on the Gulf of Mexico for some shrimp and gator(I've never had gator before)
  10. 89frankenford

    CB radio suggestions?

    Yeah I've heard good things about those antenna's. I bought the Firestick because it is sturdy and wont go every which way and because it is a bit shorter then the Wilson. I needed something like that because when im in the deep woods i didn't want an antenna getting hit by a branch and hitting...
  11. 89frankenford

    CB radio suggestions?

    I recently order a Uniden Pro520XL for the Jeep. As for an Antenna im going to be running a 4FT Firestik 2 (Tunable tip) Antenna mounted just above the left rear tail light using a bracket i bought for Jeeps.I can't give a review of the whole system yet because none of its hooked up(hopefully...
  12. 89frankenford

    Hey everyone, still have the ford..for now

    probably the cost of the truck lol
  13. 89frankenford

    Hello, from Argentina

    Welcome to the site!!smilieFordlogo
  14. 89frankenford

    For all you Bronco fans out there

    :wasntme: :rofl: smiliepeelout
  15. 89frankenford

    Hey everyone, still have the ford..for now

    haha if only i had the $$. that would be sick though. i could go on the full size runs with it....if i went all out i would box the frame drop the 4.9 for either a built 351 or a 460...then the ZF and some Dana 60's :drool:
  16. 89frankenford

    Hey everyone, still have the ford..for now

    hey, i know i havent been on here in a while(about a month and a half??) ive been on a local site ( its an offroading, overlanding forum/offroad club in NH and they do a ton of trail runs in NH and some in Maine, Mass and Vermont. The members have all sorts of rigs from stock...
  17. 89frankenford

    Hey Yall doing

    hey man welcome! i live right in Merrimack as well. im pretty sure you've seen my truck(although its not on the road anymore. White 89 f-150 4x4 with either 33's or stock tires with chrome rimssmilieFordlogo :wavey:
  18. 89frankenford

    engine not running well at all...:(

    haha talk about a thread digger haha.thanks for the info! its actually fixed a while ago.
  19. 89frankenford

    Thank you

    Welcome to the Site!! :)
  20. 89frankenford

    Which tailgate should I get?

    if i could i could go with the panel. it looks a bit more classy with it. and it wont rust/corrode over there like it would over here. if you want a low maintenance onw then get a plain panel. oh and my dads 96 f-150 XL has no panel too :)
  21. 89frankenford

    no taillights or reverse lights...

    well i have no taillights or reverse light now after all thats going on. there is plate lights, headlights, and front corners, as well as brake any ideas? i checked the bulbs and they are good. i checked the fuses and i believe they are good as well....anything else im missing?
  22. 89frankenford

    getting a header

    well ive got a cam and lifter set that i have yet to install in my truck. its from comp is the specs.
  23. 89frankenford

    why are the games not allowed?

    yup. if you notice, some members like me and DNFXDLI have the silver button that says "FANATIC" underneath our names. basically it means we are paying members. being a paying member means you get access to secret rooms, the arcade and a few other things i cant seem to remember
  24. 89frankenford

    Transfer Case problem?

    is this a bad thing when it makes this loud of a clunk or any clunk at all? im rotating the output shaft left and right and you can hear the sound. its coming from right in the middle betwee the output and input shaft...pretty much where the camera is pointed mostly. is this a problem? should i...
  25. 89frankenford

    transmission is going going gone...:(

    well here is update pics from today. got the rest of the parts and got the transfer case out and everything else out except the crossmember and tranny.the transmission thats going in :)this is how much play my shifter had in it for about 3 years haha <object width="480"...
  26. 89frankenford

    Hello Ford Truck Community...

    welcome to the site! enjoy the ride
  27. 89frankenford

    transmission is going going gone...:(

    haha yeah i am. my engine and tranny are now grabber green...when i get a new transfer case, that too will be paint grabber green'hippie'part of me want to paint my new rear axle grabber green but part of me doesnt....its so difficult to decide
  28. 89frankenford

    zf5, m5r2, t18, or np435

    well i have an M5OD (basically the same thing) and its in 2 separate pieces right now. it last roughly 2-3 years of me beating the ever living snot out of it
  29. 89frankenford

    transmission is going going gone...:(

    haha thanks man. ill def let you know by Saturday. i think im good, but wont know for sure until i drop the tranny on friday
  30. 89frankenford

    transmission is going going gone...:(

    today i got half the parts in. the other half is on order and should be in tomorrow :)new flywheel and ATF