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  1. Check out this '79 Flareside

    Try Arizona, Show Low and 1979 F-150 on craigslist
  2. Check out this '79 Flareside

    Craigs List Show Low AZ post ID 5655896318.Sorry, I don't know how to make this a "clickable link"
  3. Just bought 2011 F-150 STX 4X4

    Thanks for the responce. I checked all the connections and are all tight. First time owning a truck with electonic shift transfercase. I also realized that I was attempting to engage four wheel while stationary, so I tried while moving slowly and it works, but the wrench is still showing after...
  4. Just bought 2011 F-150 STX 4X4

    Just bought this truck and found out that when shifting to 4 wheel I get a wrench showing on the indicator panel that there is a problem. It won't shift to four wheel drive. Is there something I should check prior to going to the dealer? I've been on the Gen 6 site for several years. I have a...
  5. GM HEI on 360

    I have one on my '79 400M. Works great!!
  6. Performance Distributor Options: What should I go for?

    Have you given any thought to a HEI? I got one off Ebay for my 400M for less that $100 and it works great. One wire hookup (2 with a tach).
  7. Replace rear diff gasket ?

    No. You've got to pull both axels out a few inches. Better have a floor jack handy and a buddy to help, that pumpkin is heavy!
  8. 1979_F-150_013


    Ready to start project. Good straight body with next to no rust. Only rust was under the steps at bottom of fenders.
  9. 1979_F-150_008


    Old interior, rotted seat, dirty smelly shag carpet, no door seals, no door panels. Just plan junky interor!!!
  10. 1979_F-150_007


    Trailered home and the beginning of a bumper to bumper rebuild/replace/build project
  11. 00918


    Bed replaced with new oak and roll on bed liner. Tailgate chains removed and Datsun latches installed.
  12. 004161


    New interior, carpet & padding, paint, Accura seats,and a bunch of other new stuff.
  13. 00424


    Mildly built 400M. Summit cam kit, Holley 570 Street Avenger, HEI distributer, headers
  14. 003211


    New interior
  15. 001_800x600_


    Original paint, Ford Coral. 4" lift, quad shock front, Old School slotted Alum wheels.
  16. Side steps for 1977 F150

    They are bolted to the bottom of the cab just inside of the rocker panels. You just have to drill a few mounting holes. Two of the holes required a very short drill bit mounted on my air angle grinder. But they are very solid!!
  17. Side steps for 1977 F150

    I have a set of Bully steps on my '79 F-150. They bolted up fairly easily and they are solid. I also added a grab handle above the passenger door for wife's easier entry.
  18. V5...The Dents We Find

    That engine most likely is the 361 FE block truck engine.
  19. just picked up a 10/77 F250 4x4

    The difference between Gross HP (Engine flywheel) and Rear Wheel HP can be any where from 25-30%. This is due to losses thru all the drive train. My engine was built more towards mid range power for street use and everyday driving. The Edelbrock is the Performer, carb is Holley 4150 Street...
  20. just picked up a 10/77 F250 4x4

    My 1979 F-150 stepside 4x4 with a 400M with a Edlebrock 4bbl, Holley 570 cfm, Summit mid range cam straight up timing, headers , HEI distributor and dual exhaust was run on a chassis dyno. Rear wheel corrected numbers are; torque @ 303 and hp @ 193. Gear ratio is 3.50 , a C-6 trans and...
  21. 1979 f100 longbed

    Crown Victoria front suspension and axle over spring in rear. It's a bunch of work but from what I understand it make for a great ride. This is what I want to do if I can find a '78-79 short bed stepside 4x2. It'll go with my '79 short bed stepside 4X4.
  22. What is your dentside to you?

    I use mine for exploring local trails, trips to Lowes or HD, trips to the transfer station and for getting down my 2 1/2 miles of dirt road when conditions make it impassable for the car.It's a 400 +.040" newly rebuilt, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 570cfm Street Avenger, port matched...
  23. Price that Dentside

    Two years ago I bought this '79 F-150 Custom Short bed Stepside 4x4 for $3000. It was drivable but not safely streetable. Trailered it home about 200 miles. Since then I've been through it from bumper-bumper except for the paint. The 400 has been rebuilt and warmed over a bit, new interior...
  24. electronic ignition to points

    I replaced the factory distributor with a HEI I found on Ebay for about $50. It's a billet housing with GM internals and 1 wire hook up. Sure did clean up the engine compartment and the engine runs better!
  25. Idle trouble

    Just a thought. When the 460 was pulled and the 351 installed, did they use the torque convertor from the 460? The reason I'm asking is because years ago I put a Turbo 400 from a 455 Buick engine behind a 231 Buick V6 and had the same problem. It would not idle in gear, but the 1-2 shift and the...
  26. Need a Camshaft recomend to match my carb

    I have a '79 150 shortbed stepside 4x4 that I bought a couple of years ago. I just went thru the 400 last fall. The previous owner(owners) had things really screwed up! The engine already had an Edelbrock Performer manifold, headers and dual exhaust. The carb was a Holley 750 with jets about...
  27. oil pressure sending unit

    On the 351/400M there is also a port on the drivers side front next to the mechanical fuel pump. I have my oil pressure guage coming of of that port and my stock oil guage sending unit coming off the rear port behind the intake manifold.
  28. Tailgate Chains

    Has anyone eliminated their tailgate chains? What did you go with? I have seen some from LMC that looks like they go into the tube top of the tailgate. Other one look almost like a cabinet latch. Any ideas and photos would be great!!
  29. Production Numbers

    Does anyone know of a website to find production numbers for various models of the '70's trucks? I was told that my '79 F150 Shortbed, Stepside, 4x4 is a fairly rare model.
  30. OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    Bruce R (blkmesamtman) Snowflake, AZ