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  1. m78

    Happy Birthday mrxlh

    Happy Birthday, Ryan Lester.
  2. m78

    Happy Birthday kiwi f150

    Happy Birthday Mark
  3. m78

    Thunder is Alive

    The word I've seen lately is "sick".
  4. m78

    CB's 68

    The chrome base cover ( used to be ) just pops up to access screws.
  5. m78

    Slinger Ring On Driveshaft Seal

    Can you weld it back on ?
  6. m78

    New Toy, 68 f100 short bed 4x4

    Does your wife know she's out a mustang ?
  7. m78

    What did you do to your Dent today

    I'm jealous. I was going to get mine out over the weekend but rain kept it inside. I have to drive thru to much of my lawn to pull it out after rain.If I drove 60 mph with the 4:10 gears, my engine would be screaming.
  8. m78

    V5...The Dents We Find

    Going for 3 ? Or maybe selling one after the 3rd is bought ?
  9. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    That looks great Ken. The fan running while the engine is off , isn't cooling anything but the radiator, unless you have an electric water pump.
  10. m78

    Thinking of selling the dents.

    They have a tendency to bring a smile to your face.
  11. m78

    July truck of the month

    congratulations Jim
  12. m78

    Seal between Transfer Case and C6 Transmission

    What's the oil smell like Doug. Gear oil has a very distinct odor compared to tranny fluid which has almost no odor..
  13. m78

    Disconnect the battery and it dies, it's not the alternator.

    That is interesting tho, is it made to be tested that way , or just coincidence ?
  14. m78

    Post a pic of your dent

    Thanks, Doug and Ken.^ I have stairs to the second floor outside. That picture is from the stairs. Here's from the upstairs deck. Hard to believe that the truck has been sitting in my garage this long, if that date is correct. Still looks the same tho.
  15. m78

    Call me crazy.........?

    Lemon Pledge on the furniture ? :rofl:
  16. m78

    Call me crazy.........?

    Retirement present to self ?
  17. m78

    What did you do to your Dent today

    I ordered a drivers side door panel (in chrome accented blue), for my dent. I've been waiting for DC to get them in stock for close to two years. And they finally have them.
  18. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    It might be worth buying a whole new cable with the ends crimped and sealed. Measure your existing cable, and search.
  19. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    The battery that was in my Bronco II was 15 years old when I had to replace it. I don't remember the brand. The battery in my dent was discharged so low ( left the key on ) that it wouldn't take a charge. I followed some instructions on adding Epsom salts to clean the plates and its now been...
  20. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    ^ agreed. Do away with it.
  21. m78

    Happy Birthday SuperCab

    Good thing. I drank yours hours ago.
  22. m78

    Software updated

    The page that comes up every once in a while claims that FTF is to slow for google chrome. I've also had trouble with my pc trying to keep up with google chrome. Tho I don't have trouble with other forums with the same server. The times I have trouble are random.
  23. m78

    Happy Birthday SuperCab

    Happy birthday Frank. I've got a beer for you . If your not here soon, I'm gonna drink it.
  24. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    You should probably get a volt meter. Then check the posts. If there's corrosion between the post and lug, it wont allow enough current thru to turn the starter
  25. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    Are you checking voltage on the post of the battery or the lug on the wire thats connected to the post. ?
  26. m78

    Battery help please....thanks!

    I'd start with cleaning the battery posts. Evan if they look decent.