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  1. A project on the side

    Haha that's great, CB!Dunc, I'll get those links to you ASAP.Thanks for the comments and suggestions, they really keep me going! :wavey:Little progress lately, haven't had much time to work on it, but here ya' go!Drivers side metal work is done. I want to seam seal the floor pan and...
  2. Econoline wiring diagram

    I never thanked you Dunc... Thanks! :) LOL
  3. Some of you guys will like this.

    300 I-6 / 4 speed
  4. How to not buy a truck off craigslist.

    It's really good to see you doing this. More and more of these old trucks hit the crusher every day. One auto wrecker I normally visit for Dent parts recently crushed most of them, leaving only what's left of a super cab they have sitting on blocks... Probably wasn't room for it on the tractor...
  5. A project on the side

    I don't seem to be able to edit my previous posts. I changed some pictures locations on PB, and I'd like to fix the picture links. Any help?Here is some progress that I've made over the weekend. A bunch of parts came in as well! Still waiting on three hub seals and front wheel cylinders..Not...
  6. Towing with 5.4

    Back when I had my pre-phaser 5.4, we took it over 4000KM to pickup my Dent. My 7700 F150 didn't give a crap about the truck and trailer behind it. I took two of my Chevy biased friends with me, and they were both suprised and thoroughly impressed.What can I say, Ford makes a good product...
  7. A project on the side

    Clear coat the patina? I've never really thought about it, maybe something worth looking into. I do like the weathered look that this truck has, but definitely wouldn't want it to get worse!I like your thinking Justin, I might swap back to the 70 grille. I think it would suit the truck well...
  8. oil pan proublem - Plug won't come out

    ^^^That guys knows his bungs.:)
  9. weirdest damn trans leak ever

    the T/C seal on my C6 leaked a nice size puddle on the floor over the winter months, as my truck sits in storage.. This was a brand new seal with maybe 200 miles on it. I was pretty ticked off, thinking I'd have to pull the transmission again.. Got it home in spring, and since then it's never...
  10. Who still "works" their 73-79's??

    Thanks guys, this was late at night, just getting off the lake! First time this year.Derek.
  11. A project on the side

    Thanks dudes. I was surprised at how little rust this truck had, being a farm truck and all.Good call Roy, those little guys are handy all over the place!Making a rock auto and Dennis Carpenter order tonight I hope.Derek.
  12. A project on the side

    Bought a 70' F250 out of ND a couple months ago. I've started to do a bit of a mechanical restoration on the truck. I want to turn it into a mechanically sound work/hunting truck. It's quite solid, as the pictures will show, other than some floor board rot.All four corners will be completely...
  13. Who still "works" their 73-79's??

    Do you see it? :)Also drove it to the city last weekend and went for supper with a couple of my friends. Over 170 miles I averaged 11.3 MPG, Not bad for a 300-325 H.P. 390 FE. It's only been getting better, as this engine only has 2000 miles on it since I built it.Derek.
  14. Who still "works" their 73-79's??

    That is the one! Appreciate the kind words man! Can't believe I went for it either, but 3/4 ton dents are almost extinct in my area! :rofl:Derek.
  15. Who still "works" their 73-79's??

    Thanks guys! I don't think I'll ever be able to drive her in the winter or through a mud hole, but when it comes to hauling and towing, I won't shy away!Derek.
  16. Who still "works" their 73-79's??

    Who needs a engine hoist!Derek.
  17. 351W Thrust Bearing

    Should see .010-.020 clearance between rods. I'd like to see .014 on the average build. Max is .023.Hold piston flat on table and try to rock the connecting rod across the wrist pin axis. If there is any play, it's no good.Derek.
  18. my baby girl is here

    This makes me happy.:)
  19. Custom mercury tailgait

    Thanks to Dunc, you've got mail, John!Derek.
  20. Custom mercury tailgait

    I didn't receive a PM. I've sent you one to reply to.Derek.
  21. Bumps we find... :)

    Well I almost bought this truck. Another guy had dibs on it and ended up taking it, otherwise I would be on my way to pick it up this Friday. It was very clean underneath as well. This guy cared about using good parts when he fixed it up. Plan was to swap the 505 into my truck, put my 397 in...
  22. Custom mercury tailgait

    I've got one. I did plan on fixing this gate, but maybe we can work something out.PM me.Derek.
  23. What did you do to your Dent today

    Thought about pulling my truck out.... Been in storage all winter, and spring has sprung. Truck is useless sitting around most of the year... I should start using it for what it was made...Then again...Derek.
  24. March 2014 Truck Of The Month

    Appreciate it bud!
  25. Dissertation help requested from female truck owners

    My name is derica.How can I help?:)
  26. Headers

    Which engine? Do you have an FE? I don't even know if you've got a 4x4 or what, but if this is the case, neither Mad Dog or L&L had a header for that application about two years ago. Things may have changed.Derek.
  27. Post a pic of your dent

    smilieFordlogoI love that brown paint scheme. I hope you stay with a factory look when you paint it!My gate. :)Derek.
  28. swapping a 360 to a 352 and have questions

    Vegas is a cool place! Been there once for Monster Jam!All FE engines have a balancer! Look harder, the pulley will be an integral part of the balancer, or have a pulley that covers the balancer. It is there, trust me.smilieteaseThe pan, oil pump, and, pickup will swap over from your...
  29. Headers

    I've got the Hedman Elite on mine. 3/8" flange and 14 gauge steel primary. Well built, (material wise) but started to leak at the collector after some time. The fit is poor, almost hitting the pass. side leaf spring, and only a few inches away from the drive shaft on the driver side. Not sure if...
  30. March 2014 Truck Of The Month

    Thank you! smilieFordlogoDerek.