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  1. Bricks

    Happy Birthday 6L PWR

    Happy belated birthday Toddrick :wavey:
  2. Bricks

    King Ranch vs Lariat??

    Other than the seats/badges/wheels, that's it.I love the KR's like relaxing in a catcher's mitt :D
  3. Bricks

    Opinions please

    Yeah, I don't buy that...I've never seen a Cat on a full-on race truck or pulling truck :D
  4. Bricks

    Opinions please

    I can't really speak to that from experience since I don't have the choice of having one or not, but I've never heard of anybody having issues because they removed the Cat, and I know a lot of people who've done it. Some say there are benefits, like lower EGT's and better mileage. I believe the...
  5. Bricks

    Opinions please

    At the power level you're going to be operating at Duncan, there's no reason for a CAI. The stock Donaldson filter flows plenty of air and holds a ton of dirt (well, 3 pounds or so :D) before it needs to be replaced. Far better filtration than the aftermarket stuff too.Of course, if you just...
  6. Bricks

    john palmer

    Air bag on a '94 F-350? Mine doesn't have one...
  7. Bricks

    Alittle needed maintaince on the Ex

    Did you go with the 5100 series or the Heavy Duty?
  8. Bricks

    Shock advice

    I recently installed Bilstien 5100's and am very happy with them.
  9. Bricks

    time to test your knowledge

    I'm gonna take a guess and say nothing.
  10. Bricks

    Happy Birthday Captain p4

    Maybe they're just getting in early for next year.
  11. Bricks

    29th Annual F-100 Nationals

    Marc took a ton of pics...thanks for linking them YelloThumbUp
  12. Bricks

    Happy Birthday Fellro

    Happy belated, Roger BdayBigGrin
  13. Bricks

    Diesel Drags in Sactown

    Just the F100 West Nats, but you already knew that :)
  14. Bricks

    Question of the day! Wax or windex?

    IBSI've had a can of Glass Wax for ages. Works great.
  15. Bricks

    how long should a tranny last ?

    Wow, that's low mileage for an '01.It's impossible to say exactly how long it will last, but I think it's safe to say that as long as you keep it properly serviced and maintain the stock power level on the motor your trans will last a long time.
  16. Bricks

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    That's a different 'hood than the one I live in :D
  17. Bricks

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    SteveLong Beach, Ca
  18. Bricks


    Bill's always irritated. :D
  19. Bricks

    Happy Birthday radialarm

    Happy biff day :D
  20. Bricks

    HMMM... what could cause low vacuum?

    Are you running the same timing as you were with the stock cam?
  21. Bricks

    Happy Birthday DNFXDLI

    You don't look a day over 100Happy birfday dude
  22. Bricks

    New Member & New Truck

    Does it have the letters in different places on the keyboard?
  23. Bricks

    New Member & New Truck

    Congratulations!!! You've earned extra points for incorrectly spelling "hope" while correcting someone else :DThe truck looks like it's in decent shape, Anthony. Take care of it and it should treat you well.
  24. Bricks

    New Member & New Truck

    There's a big 'ol Duck on one of them, isn't there? :D
  25. Bricks

    New Member & New Truck

    Though true, I wouldn't recommend you try this.Ah, what the only live once!
  26. Bricks

    New Member & New Truck

    I can't wait to see two are gonna make one hell of a set of bookends walking around Canyon RV Park. I will take pics.Beefcake!
  27. Bricks

    Nother Test!

  28. Bricks

    Guess who

    Is the Dodge a 5.9?
  29. Bricks

    Guess who

    You're dead to me :hammer: smilieFordlogo