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  1. 1950 F1 Project

    So not as much progress this weekend as I'd hoped, but I got a little done. Since the bed was welded to the cross-members, I decided to try and cut the bed out and remove as one piece. Not happening by myself, so I will be removing the bed in pieces. Here you can see where I cut through the bed...
  2. 1950 F1 Project

    So I'll go ahead and start a new post to share my build progress, instead of using the "My First Post" thread. I won't repost the same pictures, but I'll show you the list I'm working off of and will of course add pictures as I progress. If you've got any suggestions or tips please feel free to...
  3. First Post!

    Got a little farther with the tear down last night. Got the passenger rear fender off, pulled the hood trim, headlights, and started working on freeing the front fenders.Here's a shot of the start of what's going under the hood eventually. I'll be doing the engine build in between the tear...
  4. First Post!

    Here are some pictures showing how the bed is now attached. As you can see, the crossmembers are basically welded to the frame with pieces of angle iron. Additionally, the sheet metal of the bed is welded to the crossmembers below and to the side panels on top. My plan of attack is to cut...
  5. First Post!

    So the factory wood and sheet metal are gone, no telling how long ago. The bed was replaced and welded both to the side panels and to the cross-members, as well as the cross-members being welded to the frame. The cab mounts are still intact. It appears as though there were pieces used as...
  6. First Post!

    As a follow up to this, looking at the Jag IFS engine mounts I may run into issues when I go to run the headers for the turbo. Rear exit headers seem to be fine, it's just the front exit headers that seem like they'll lead directly into the engine mounts. Other than that they do seem to look...
  7. First Post!

    Here are some more pics as I start to tear it down.Thank god for PB Blaster! Only had to grind / drill three of the bolts so far. Fingers crossed for the same luck throughout the tear down. Only found one surprise so far...the bed was welded to the frame some years ago, presumably after...
  8. First Post!

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll certainly look into that.
  9. First Post!

    I got a PM but since I don't have 10 posts yet I can't reply. So to answer the question:I didn't paint the truck, I bought it that way. It doesn't appear that there has been any rust repair or patch work done. It does have rusted through spots on the fenders, mainly on the front where the...
  10. First Post!

    Here are a few pics. Mostly untouched...sprayed flat black some years ago and has 20" wheels on the back and 17" wheels on the front, but other than that it's unmolested.
  11. First Post!

    I'll try to get some pictures up soon. I'm going to do a frame off, box the frame, mustang II the front end, 8.8 or 9-inch rear the back, and drop a 316 stroker (of course a Ford) with a T-70 turbo and a C-4 tranny. I just got out of the mustang / drag racing hobby and decided to rod an old truck.
  12. First Post!

    Hello FTF! I have a 1950 F1 that is untouched and will be beginning the restro / hotrod process here in the coming months. I hope to learn a lot from the members here and I look forward to our future interactions!Dave