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  1. redneckryder

    ABS help please?

    Ok, background. Bought a 2006, F-250 crew cab, short bed, Lariat FX4 with a 6.0. 118,000 miles, ran it for a couple thousand, ABS light comes on randomly. Check the code, Rear Wheel speed sensor. Ok, no biggie....I will put it on my list. Doing front brakes, I noticed the drivers side front...
  2. redneckryder

    1979 F-250 engine swap....maybe?

    So, I am gonna do a thing. I bought a 79 F-250, and am gonna build it. I am also buying a 1999 F-250, and am gonna strip it. Anyone see where I am going with this???I wanna stuff a 7.3 Powerstroke in my 79. I have looked high, low, and everywhere in between, and find alot of people that...
  3. redneckryder

    New problem....4low not an option?

    Back story....I bought this truck from my step-dad. He tinkers, bought it as a project. Rebuilt the front axle (U joints, bearings, ball joints...etc etc), but never touched the tcase. Lock in the hubs, throw it in 4hi, and she goes where you point it. This thing blows me away with all the...
  4. redneckryder


    Hey an issue I hope you can help with. I have a 95 F-150 4x4 5.8L auto. Cold startup is fine but warm starts usually have a problem. Rolls over fine, fires right up, then rpms drop to about 400-500. So low that the voltage gauge reads low, lights dim...everything. Touch the go...
  5. redneckryder

    I know that truck!!!

    How do you know you spend too much time on the Ford truck forums? When someone uses a picture of an old ford on facebook, and you look at it and go..."Thats UTfball68's truck!!!"I took a quiz about how redneck i kinda redneck. got to looking at the picture, and low and behold...
  6. redneckryder

    I got one!!!!

    Thanx to ALOT of patience from a fellow member, I got a pushbar!!! It's a little bent, but I think it adds character....I might just leave it bent. The best part of it, I got to sit and gawk at his truck and bronco for almost a half hour!!!! Thanx again, Ranger429!!!:wavey:
  7. redneckryder

    Fuel Cell??

    I want to put a fuel cell in the bed. I don't know whether to get a circle track cell or a drag race cell......anyone have any input?
  8. redneckryder

    My love/hate relationship with my F-250

    so I bought a 79 F-250...been sitting for a while, I told the guy I wanted to hear it run, so we put a shady battery n it, poured some gas down her throat, and she cranked over, and kinda sorta barbled to life, then died. I was cold, I heard it fire, I was good.... I had it flat-bedded home...
  9. redneckryder

    Big rims?

    i am thinkin about puttin new rims on the truck, but i dont know what size looks good without being gawdy. anyone got any rims bigger than 15's on a 4x4? pics would be awesome!! thanx
  10. redneckryder


    i have seen the old dealer installed pushbars. i want one. i googled them, but i cant find where to find one. anyone have any ideas or know someone selling one?
  11. redneckryder

    F-150 vs. F-250?

    i am not trying to start a war. i swear. i am just curious about the difference aesthetically. I know most of the differences mechanically, but i got a few questions. i am lookin into getting a 78 or 79 ford, bypassed a few 250's because of the leaves (coils ride better in my personal opinion...