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  1. Grandpa's Truck

    Replaced the circuit board on the instrument cluster and upgraded to LED light bulbs.
  2. Grandpa's Truck

    Calipers on, started to put the brake lines on and found (luckily) that they don't quite reach. One thing all these disk brake upgrade kits fail to mention is you need to relocate the brake line rubber to steel line mount.
  3. Won't Start

    Are you sure the gas is any good? If it starts with starting fluid only then you either are not getting gas or it isn't flammable. Does the truck have a locking gas cap?
  4. Grandpa's Truck

    Shocks installed, I had to provide my own decal since Monroe did not provide them and when I contacted them I was ignored. Going to try to contact them again.
  5. Grandpa's Truck

    Now it just needs the shock installed and I can move onto steering and hubs.
  6. Grandpa's Truck

    Here it is installed on the top of the picture.
  7. Grandpa's Truck

    This is what holds the top of the spring or at least helps hold it. The other side was broke in half so I welded it together the passenger side (shown) is missing a piece so I can't do the same and I had already put back the drivers side so I couldn't use it as a duplicate to make a new one. I...
  8. Grandpa's Truck

    Old bump stop vs new bump stop and Merry Christmas!!
  9. Grandpa's Truck

    Better picture of the front end, new springs and now waiting on the new bump stops.
  10. Grandpa's Truck

    King pin set 60% off, supposedly I need ones from a 1975 F100 they are the same diameter and slightly longer. Good news is if it doesn't go as planned at least Advance is local so I don't have to pay return shipping.
  11. Grandpa's Truck

    Replaced the bushings on the i beams and painted them up, same with the tuning forks and put them back on. Ordered the springs and new bump stops.
  12. Grandpa's Truck

    Grandpas truck is a 360 so I don't see the correlation here.
  13. Grandpa's Truck

    Tearing down the front suspension, going to replace the drums with front disc brakes. Once drum was locked up had to chisel off the ends of the brake pad hold down pins and pry the whole assembly off together.
  14. Grandpa's Truck

    Ordered some headlight bezel hardware.
  15. Grandpa's Truck

    This is what happens when you use straight water in the cooling system. I have some coolant flush and new coolant ready to go in once it's leak tested again.
  16. Grandpa's Truck

    Thermostat housing was leaking so got a new one with a new thermostat and a new radiator cap since it tested bad.
  17. Grandpa's Truck

    Pics of the bed and decided to do a wood bed as it will be easier and cheaper and look nicer!
  18. Grandpa's Truck

    New Monroe shocks, new rear brake lines and new diff vent hose with cap. Also drilled an tapped a hole in the diff in order to change fluid easier while I changed the fluid.
  19. Grandpa's Truck

    All new heater and radiator hoses, did some detailing, new battery cables, painted the air cleaner and put on a 360CID decal since everyone thinks it is a 351.
  20. Grandpa's Truck

    Started cleaning the interior and what I thought was scratched paint was just gunk, you can see where I stopped about midway on the glove box.Started cleaning the floor mat, I couldn't rinse it well at this time so some of the dirt just stayed. It will take a few cleanings but you can see...
  21. Grandpa's Truck

    Started cleaning up the engine bay and tackled the rusted out battery tray. As a fix someone in the past welded a steel plate in the tray. Problem with that is you can't get to the two bolts under it. Had to grind off the welds to remove it.One of the bolt holes was gone from rust so I...
  22. Grandpa's Truck

    Got the new brakes installed with new drums.
  23. Grandpa's Truck

    Started working on the rear brakes, one was locked up and the other had a leaky wheel cylinder. Had to cut off the shoe pins from the back on the locked up one to get the drum off.
  24. Grandpa's Truck

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