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  1. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    Whoops read the diagram backwards. The other 4 plugs are the ones covered with oil.I changed them all out and it certainly liked that more but it still sounds like its missing a cylinder. My wires are new as is my coil, cap, and rotor.Any thoughts?
  2. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    I just pulled my sparkplugs and the 4 closest to the firewall were all soaked in oil. I will replace all of my plugs and report back. I'm curious why it was just the rear ones (#'s 6,5,1 and 2)
  3. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    I've been messing with my distributor some today with not much luck. Thanks for the suggestion.Any other ideas out there?
  4. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    I checked all of the vacuum lines running off the the carb and off the brake booster and off of the trans. No luck so far. Anybody know which vacuum lines engage when the trans is shifted to drive? Thank you all for your help.-Tyler
  5. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    Can you go into more detail about the distributor slipping please?
  6. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    I'll check those suggestions out. Yeah it's so odd how it runs well in park but bad in drive. I'll let y'all know how it turns out.Any other ideas would be appreciated!-Tyler
  7. Running very rough when put into 'drive'

    I have a 1969 F100 2x4 with a 360 (Edelbrock intake, Holly 4BBL, Pertronix points eliminator kit) auto trans and power brakes and steering with a/c.Yesterday I was puling out of a store that had a good dip in the exit before you hit level road again and once i hit the dip the truck died. I...
  8. Truck Dying after warming up!!

    WHERE AM I GOING WRONG!!??I got in today my new eliminator kit along with a 700 resistor and a circuit guard from Mallory. I installed everything and I thought that it was going to start right up; wrong! I figured maybe I set up the resistor incorrectly, so I disconnected it and put the...
  9. Truck Dying after warming up!!

    My truck has recently been having the issue of dying after running for about 15-20 minutes. I have replaced the coil with a very nice Accel coil, as well as all new spark plugs and wires. I have also rebuilt my carb and tuned both the timing and the automatic choke.To give some information...