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  1. MuddyAxles

    Wheel spacers

    Thanks oak. Never did get 'em.
  2. MuddyAxles

    Hello folks

    It's been a long time since this was posted. Nice to see pics of you all. Never did G2G, but you never know.Hope all is well for you there.
  3. MuddyAxles

    And Here it is almost Christmas...A YEAR LATER!!!

    Last day of November and Christmas 2011 is screaming up on us.Seems to have been very quiet here over the last year. Almost no snow here in Western New York, yet.Very good Thanksgiving weather and a good time with family.
  4. MuddyAxles

    Been some time

    Nice looking pair of trucksI like the red...wanted one but none around when I bought.Been by that NC Granite...took the "Mayberry tour".
  5. MuddyAxles

    Two Clean Red Trucks!

    Yes, very nice.Wanted a red one when ready to buy but none around with 5-speed. Blue isn't bad though.Was down your way (Mt. Airy) this past spring. Kind of like the area...
  6. MuddyAxles


    Actually scaled mineDifference is that it has the Quigley 4x4 which adds some weight (7-pass. window van, V-10).Scaled without driver, not much in the way of tools, etc. = 6,940 lbs.
  7. MuddyAxles

    Air bag light

    For someone who...Has not had a steering wheel/column apart since pre-airbag, I didn't know such a thing even existed... But you're exactly right and even though that is not what they call the part now, that's what the mechanic called it once I described all three "coincidental" problems...
  8. MuddyAxles

    V10 rebuild

    Just a questionI see this has been sitting around with no answer for a while, so I thought I would ask a question to try to draw out some other responses. The question is: Does the engine NEED a rebuild? Not being smart, but you didn't say. The reason I ask is that I have seen...
  9. MuddyAxles

    Air bag light

    The problem is solvedBut I will give you some more information before I share what $170.00 taught me. I got the airbag sensor replaced again. After leaving the shop I turned left, then made a right on my way home. I looked down and the darn airbag warning light was on again, but the shop was...
  10. MuddyAxles

    Wheel spacers

    I guess that's what you call them. Some do anyhow. The device used to make the rear wheels track with the front wheels.I have seen where some swear by them. Others say they are a benefit.Does anyone use them? Do they actually help?
  11. MuddyAxles

    Air bag light

    A new air bag codeYeah, the light is on again. If I counted correctly, it is a 9-1 code, if anyone knows what that means.Wonder how many sensors the vans have.
  12. MuddyAxles

    Bored of the threads

    Imagine that!Not surprised.It is a very sick situation over there. So many stories, so little time.Doing some multi-tasking...I see the time clock still forces frequent re-log-ins here :>(
  13. MuddyAxles

    Fuel filter change

    Here's one way to de-pressurizeNot sure which fuel pump system you have, but if you can get at the electrical plug connection easily, just unplug the fuel pump and start the engine. It may start but won't run long.That works best for the pumps on the frame. In-tank on a truck is harder...
  14. MuddyAxles

    Fuel Pump? only started after thumping gas tank?!

    How did you make out?Just wondering how you made has been a while, almost three months!I have an '06. Granted, rust was not an issue in '09 when we replaced my fuel pump, but I thought it went very well. There was two of us, but with a floor jack and a cradle rigged up to hold the...
  15. MuddyAxles

    want to join the New York Chapter

    It has been a busy summer, as you can seeBut I hope we can see more activity this fall.Thanks for the welcome, Ameritaz.'smiliepig' Wheeeee! Wheeeeee! Wheeeeeeee!'smiliepig'
  16. MuddyAxles

    Air bag light

    Follow-upHad the Quigley in for something in the spring...oh yeah, tire out of balance. Ended up being a bent wheel. Loaned it out twice and that's what I get for being a nice guy...a $300 wheel replacement.But I had them look at that air bag issue and it was the grille/radiator sensor...
  17. MuddyAxles

    Fuel pump problem...again...3rd time

    Follow-upWell, so far so good. Just went past 60k and this last pump is still pumpin'.Really have to wonder if the additive was breaking down the coating inside and plugging things up.
  18. MuddyAxles

    Don't try this

    You got that right.
  19. MuddyAxles

    Please keep my mom in your prayers.

    DittoPrayers and wishes for feeling better soon from WNY.
  20. MuddyAxles

    Having trouble with browsers

    Something is different!I don't know if someone cut the fuse longer or my assuring I check the box everytime I log in, but I was able to stay on for over an hour with long periods of inactivity (while reading/writing) and never got unplugged once!If someone did something...thanks!!:)I...
  21. MuddyAxles

    2006 E-350 fuel pump (gasoline)

    Hey! Thanks for the comebackOh, don't I know about the dial-up problems, modem/computer/ now cable box/router/etc...but lately...shhh, I'll jinx it!So, I don't know what the coating was used in the handled it all, but it is a process used by those restoring old vehicles and...
  22. MuddyAxles

    Hello folks

    That's good to hearGlad that all worked out well. Busy here as well. Stay in touch.
  23. MuddyAxles

    2006 E-350 fuel pump (gasoline)

    It was replaced three timesbetween 1/09 and 4/10.
  24. MuddyAxles

    Fuel pump problem...again...3rd time

    That's scary to think of.
  25. MuddyAxles

    Fuel pump problem...again...3rd time

    I did that...on 4/17. No bites. Maybe it was the title?
  26. MuddyAxles

    Having trouble with browsers

    15 minutes?I haven't timed it exactly, but it logs me out way before 15 minutes, depending on when it starts timing. It doesn't use a "slide" on the same page as a time starter. I can't answer someone on Facebook without being logged out.I will often have 3, 4, 5 FTF smilieFordlogo...
  27. MuddyAxles

    Fuel pump problem...again...3rd time

    I have written...I have written to the manufacturer of the fuel additive. They are willing to take a look at the fuel pump to try to discover what went wrong.I might add (and I know this is in the wrong thread) that they are having increasing reports of rust in equipment diesel tanks where...
  28. MuddyAxles

    Fuel pump problem...again...3rd time

    OK then!smiliewhathesaid Well, can't fight with that. With the extra weight of the 4x4 I have determined my best mpg comes at 40-45, which is just too slow for all but inclement weather.My best ever is 14, but a simple stiff headwind will suck the gas right out of the tank for me. I have...
  29. MuddyAxles

    ball joints

    Yep!smilieIagree My thoughts exactly. Reason I asked was I said much the same as you just did on another forum (which shall forever remain nameless, unless you ask) under either the tires or trailer section and some "expert" kind of went ballistic saying bias-ply trailer-only tires are all...
  30. MuddyAxles

    ball joints

    That's sweet. I don't have room. Can I come over to use yours?Just wondering, why passenger radials? The tire people all recommend trailer-type tires. I use the wear-downs from the van.