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  1. Transmission upgrade

    I definitely know where you are trying to get to with this and that is to save the cost on fuel. And am I with you on that? You bet. But I have found from past experience that sometimes the cost savings comes from keeping it simple. And by driving the 1994 when you don't need the trailer you...
  2. Just saying hello and needin a bit of help with truck

    Sounds like you are well on the way to bringing it into being well tuned. I have the same set up on mine and had to experiment to get it just right. And the cold shop? Wow, do I know how that feels on the old bones. LOL
  3. Just saying hello and needin a bit of help with truck

    Have you checked your fuel pressure? Too much fuel pressure and the fuel will fill the bowl and come out the vents. Not enough and you will starve the carb. Install a Mr. Gasket dialable fuel pressure regulator and set it at 4 lbs for the 460 with a 600 carb. It may take 5 lbs for the 750, but...
  4. Transmission upgrade

    Fellro is right. It is a puzzle to get all the components you need to do a swap. Considering the amount of work and cost to do a conversion I would look at the overall savings that you would gain in fuel cost to determine if the swap is really worth it. The C6 transmission is better at pulling a...
  5. Hello and thank you for adding me to the forum.

    Thank you for adding me. I have a 1979 F-350 SuperCab Lariat. I have had it for a while but just now beginning to start work on it. Looking forward to talking to others and what they are doing to make their trucks more driver friendly.