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  1. needing new tires soon...

    Had the original KO's and had no problems. Traction in the mud mud and dirt is good. The KO2's should be a lot better.
  2. 2016 F250 exhaust

    For a deep sound, I recommend Magnaflow.
  3. Roll in Bedliners

    I know some guys who used Herculiner and it turned out ok. Remember, prep is the key.
  4. Hello

    Welcome to the board.
  5. 6inch lift for 08

    Time for some serious mod and I'm planning to install a 6-inch lift on my '08 F150. After doing some research, I decided to have two options-- Procomp and Fabtech. Any opinions on which one is better? They are both expensive but it is not a big concern because 4wheelonline is giving me a good...
  6. need suggestions on nerf bars

    Planning to install nerf bars and I want something that doesn't hang too low. Here are my options-- Any opinions on what brand to choose and what brands to stay away from? May be someone will suggest rock sliders/steps but I just do off-roading once in a...
  7. Best all around tire...

    To me, Terra Grappler's are one of the best all around tires. Excellent traction on and off the road. And for an AT that is good on snow, the General Grabber AT2 is a good option.
  8. Wheels and emblems

    I'm not a big fan of badges but I must say they look good and also the wheels.
  9. How to fix rust holes

    I know Sherman Parts has patch panels. They have an online website so you can try them.
  10. 79 dent in progress

    That's a cool project you have there! Love seeing vintage trucks being restored. Keep us posted.
  11. Bedliners Linex vs Rhino

    There's no doubt that Line-x is more durable than Rhino, though quite expensive. And if you are wiling to spend a little more, go with Line-x premium for a more long lasting bedliner.
  12. New K&N!

    Nice. Did you notice any improvement in your mileage?
  13. Ben's turbine rim restoration chronicles...

    I'm sure those wheels will look sweet once you're done painting them. Keep us updated.
  14. Going Topless

    Looks a lot better without the top. :cooldude:
  15. Five tools you must have for a clean ride!

    I also prefer using the cali duster than those synthetic and feather dusters out there.
  16. leveling kit???

    I agree; spacers can help you level your rig without affecting ride quality. Some coil spacers require shock extensions but I know it is already included in the kit.
  17. aluminum polishing, can i wax it? (Austin)

    Don't use carnauba wax because it will break down easily. Try using optiseal; just make sure that your wheel is really clean before applying it.
  18. what to how to

    I've tried the Back to Black, and it really works. Though mine started to fade again after a few months. I've heard that 303 products are great protectant. Anyone have tried this?
  19. New Shoes on the Screw

    Nice looking rig! What can you say about the performance of your Toyo MTs so far? Just looking for opinions as I'm planning to change my tires sooner.
  20. Waxing 101

    Nice write up. I 'm using the Turtle Ice spray wax since I don't have much free time, and I'm satisfied with the results.