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  1. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    It doesn’t end, haha! Found a lower knee bolster with the storage cubby. So had to have it, lol!
  2. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    So I tried to paint the mirror covers myself but wasn’t happy how they turned out :( I took them to my Ford dealership and had the auto body shop paint them. Picking up tomorrow. Hoping to have the new turn signal mirrors installed soon :)
  3. Beach66Bum

    Rewiring loom to ignition coil

    Nice work! Once apon a time ago I was fortunate to find a harness for my old F250 at the wreckers that unbelievably still had the original tag on it. But now with most of the yards gone, it’s looking on eBay.
  4. Beach66Bum

    New member here! gars once in a while (1965 - 1973)

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo
  5. Beach66Bum

    New Member in NC, USA

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo Beautiful 150! Really nice that it has been kept all stock.
  6. Beach66Bum

    New member

    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo Please post some pictures for us :wave:
  7. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    Got the mirrors with built in turn signals. Since my mirrors are in much better condition, I will just swap the outside “skull” caps, and add the 2-wires that feed the signal into the factory harness on mine. So it’s just making the 5-pin to 5-pin connection.
  8. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    Hi Doug! Hope you’re doing well!! :beer:
  9. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    Welp! At it again for parts. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a set of side mirrors with the turn signals. Found a parts Lariat that has them. Should be just plug and play setup.
  10. Beach66Bum

    ‘77 F-150 Short

    X2 to what Fellro mentions. I’ve found the most important thing with buying a vintage vehicle is to make sure it’s turn key ready to drive. Being insured is also a big plus! You see a lot of guys buying a vintage “project” that even after many years, it’s still not on the road!I have found...
  11. Beach66Bum

    radio interchange

    Yup! As long as the new unit has the same 4-hole configuration for removal. Plug and play.
  12. Beach66Bum

    2wd with lower valance foglights!

    With new bulbs installed. Piaa Extreme White plus 4000K bulbs
  13. Beach66Bum

    Help with VIN / Data Plate Decoding 1961 Bread Van

    Very cool! I will have to do some Goggle searching for this one!
  14. Beach66Bum

    New Member from SoCal

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo
  15. Beach66Bum

    Hello From A High Ridgeline in West Virginia

    Incredible! and an example of “Built Ford Tough” :bow:
  16. Beach66Bum

    Howdy everyone,thanx for the privilage of joining your site! This is one of my fords, and favorite of any i've owned. This is rootbeer float.1988 f250

    Each Generation had its own beloved name. Here’s just a few Bumpside Dentside Bullnose Bricknose OBS Jellybean smilieFordlogo
  17. Beach66Bum

    Father, son project 1967 F250

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo
  18. Beach66Bum

    Check it out

    Love it! Here’s one more from my collection, the Nylint Roustabout from 1966. Looks exactly like the first Bronco ad! ❤️
  19. Beach66Bum

    Got a new 2002 Gen.10

    Keep with the stock CAI! and drop in a quality filter YelloThumbUp My last K&N I’ve had for 8 years! Definitely got my money’s worth. I found this new one for only $38 USD on Market Place.
  20. Beach66Bum

    A gaggle of Broncs

    These were pressed steel, made in USA :flag:
  21. Beach66Bum

    A gaggle of Broncs

    I had to stick with the Broncos from Nylint Toys. Even these were expensive!
  22. Beach66Bum

    A gaggle of Broncs

    There’s over 80K USD sitting there in just those 4!!
  23. Beach66Bum

    Truck For Sale Ford Amarillo for sale

    I remember these! Haven’t seen one in a long time now. Sure caught your eye with that yellow paint and the stance.
  24. Beach66Bum

    oil bath air cleaner

    Ah, the good ‘ol oil bath air cleaner. Still one of the best for keeping out dust! To clean, use kerosine in a container large enough to have the oil bath in. Let soak for the day. (More or less time depending on how dirty and contaminated it is) Rinse well with water and dry thoroughly. Note...
  25. Beach66Bum


    A Ford Truck Fanatic even back then smilieFordlogo
  26. Beach66Bum


    Very cool back story! FTE was the first online Ford forum. A few members from that forum started this forum.
  27. Beach66Bum

    New member

    Welcome to FTF!
  28. Beach66Bum


    Welcome to FTF! Beautiful ‘65