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  1. RocketScience

    V10 or Diesel ?

    And where is that Ford vs. The Rest forum when you need it? :rofl:
  2. RocketScience

    Enamel or BC/CC paint

    Sorry if you took my rant as an assault on you, it was not, merely an observation based on experiences.I will say this however, the problems in factory applied automotive finishes like your GM fiasco are hardly rare, or over. Other fiasco's include Chrysler's in the late 80's, GM again in the...
  3. RocketScience

    Enamel or BC/CC paint

    A little off topic and a bit of a rant but...It is better in the sense that it is easier to apply, has a higher initial gloss, and is easier to repair, but they do not have the 'longevity' of the older systems, and nor do they need it nowadays, as it's all about polishing your apples.In my...
  4. RocketScience

    Porsche Panamera

    Closer to home.I never did understand this four-door either. A disgrace to the vintage Charger muscle car badge. I don't get it.
  5. RocketScience

    Steelies pics?

    WTF???Dude, you're talented. Nice work. YelloThumbUp
  6. RocketScience

    UH OH, the secret is out!

    I'm gonna say yes. Looked like a trans coolant line that snapped to me. [confused]
  7. RocketScience

    Part number guys Please help.

    'Crabby Ford Parts Guru'Well Dennis, at least he admits it. Hahaha.... :rofl:As usual, Bill, 'Johnny on the spot' with the part numbers -you amaze me. And Dennis, great post-up on the cluster pic, you guys ROCK! :)
  8. RocketScience

    Photos Purged

    After revisiting a few older threads, I've noticed the posted photos had been purged.Was this to save bandwidth?.......just curious.
  9. RocketScience

    2011 SD -- Less Camo Shots

    The wrap-around headlight cluster is a MAJOR improvement over previous years' 'stacked' version. The grill however, is getting a little stale.
  10. RocketScience

    Need a part #

    Knock, knock......BKW, you there?Guess not. After checking his profile, he hasn't been around here since March. Unfortunate really, Bill is a major asset to the site.Try a PM Paul, he may have the email forwarding function turned on.
  11. RocketScience

    Drove a badass car last night...

    I think that's one of the reason he doesn't come here anymore!!!:headbang:The BIGGER crank pulley will spin the blower FASTER for a few more pounds of boost until he needs to upgrade the blower like DNF stated in his post.Jack said that's about it though on stock rods and stock blower...
  12. RocketScience

    Drove a badass car last night...

    Still talk to him regularly. He's pissed that his kid's Ninja can beat his. He said he gave up at 170!!His two choices are:Diet or throw $$$ at his bike. LOL!!!
  13. RocketScience

    Drove a badass car last night...

    Forget SaleenForget overpriced Shelby American add ons.Forget 60K Shelbys (that was a looooong time ago because of greedy dealers)Forget Government Motors and Obamalet.Forget Fiat, err Chrysler.How about a 40K Shelby with less than $1,500 of upgrades and tunin'???My buddy in Vegas...
  14. RocketScience

    Doin' like the msg says to...

    Missed ya here, but got ya THERE. :DWelcome again!
  15. RocketScience

    What is the reason for this?

    I'm 99% positive that is a Utah GVW rating. I have seen other older trucks at car shows from Utah with this also, usually painted on. Although the truck was rated by Ford for only 7400 lbs. max GVW, it was not uncommon in 'farm country' to see them rated higher by their owners.
  16. RocketScience

    Let's see some of our rigs on here!

    Here's a pic of my newly acquired '57. I bought her from a little 90 year-old woman who only drove her to church on Sundays. She's got only 28K original miles. Yeah, she's a little rough around the edges, but nuthin' a little paint, tires, and new glass wont fix. Note the ORIGINAL Ford hubcaps...
  17. RocketScience

    Clicking/clunking in trans

    If you can put up with that damn clicking and clunking, I ain't gonna stop ya. :rofl2:
  18. RocketScience

    Clicking/clunking in trans

    Well, she has been missing for about a week. Yeah, you may wanna give it a looksee. [confused]
  19. RocketScience

    Clicking/clunking in trans

    Had the same problem with my truck...As it was, months earlier, I had inadvertently run over my mother-in-law without knowing it. I drove around for months with that damn clicking/banging sound under there.Have you checked that out?
  20. Truck_2_


    My Truck
  21. R6_3_


    My R6
  22. RocketScience

    Threads without answers

    Because (and I know this to be fact) they are reading them via a hack such as THIS. I was a victim of this hack. Be VERY careful of what you say in your PM's.
  23. RocketScience

    Got to drive a 4.9L M5OD Today :)

    I've got an old '83 F150 with the 300/T-19 combo -indestructible drive train......the body will rust off the frame, but indestructible drive train. :D
  24. RocketScience

    License Plates

    I rarely agree with you Tex, but I do here.*checks temperature, schedules CAT Scan*Law enforcement agencies will challenge the practice of swapping-out a plate for a custom version, and dangling one below, or sticking it in your rear window is silly IMO.Go with the frame.
  25. RocketScience

    likes and disklikes

    Exact same issues with my 7.3. Fragged the tranny however three months ago, but at 160k, I've been very satisfied.Major cons: -No rear seat cup holders (my '93 had'm???) -No rear seat heating/AC vents (WTF???)
  26. RocketScience

    Oh my!!!

    Hey Smiggster.........miss ya, man!I've been tryin' to recruit 93Ranger for months now :rolleyes:.Is he even still over there?
  27. RocketScience

    windsor cleavland??????

    Serious..................wasn't there a production version of a 302C also? Thought I heard of one once.BTW, Packers 29 - Saints 51 smiliecrybaby
  28. RocketScience

    windsor cleavland??????

    That's it?......I waited-up 'til 11:50 for that???Dude, you disappoint me. I'm going to bed -got Mat's hockey game tomorrow morn. I'll give you a call mañana...
  29. RocketScience

    windsor cleavland??????

    Excuse me???Was there another cris-cross of fresh water and sewer by the Las Vegas PUD we didn't hear about???The 221ci Ford from an early model '34 Sedan. Clearly a V8, and CLEARLY a "SMALL BLOCK."The 460ci Ford from a later model '77 F250. Clearly a V8. and CLEARLY a "BIG BLOCK."...
  30. RocketScience

    Pop in my front end

    Working on a suspension takes energy, so don't forget a BFPP(peperoni pizza) and a BFS(soda) to dowse that BFA(appetite). :D