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  1. BKW

    Tailgate Emblem

    D1TZ-99425A34-A .. Tailgate Finish Panel = 1971/72 F100/250 Sport Custom .. it was originally painted black.
  2. BKW


    Some 1980/83 F100's have 5 lug wheels on a 4.50" bolt circle, some have 5 lug wheels on a 5.50" bolt circle.No 1975/96 F150 has 4.50" bolt circle wheels.
  3. BKW

    New High Boy??

    High Boys are 1967/76 F250 4WD's, 1977 F250 4WD's before serial number Y40,001.No F100/150/350 is a High Boy, neither are 1978 and later F250 4WD's.
  4. BKW

    Future of FTF

    You cannot do on FB what you can do on sites like this. Posting part numbers, parts catalog pics, sources for NOS parts...there's just not enough space to do it.When I gave a guy some info, the clueless so-and-so called me a spammer. Plus I don't care for the language, bickering, etcI...
  5. BKW

    engine swap

    1973/79 F100/350 460:D3TZ-6028-A Right & D3TZ-6029-A Left .. Engine Supports aka towers/stands/perches / ObsoleteD3TZ-6030-A Right & D3TZ-6031-A Left .. Brackets / ObsoleteThe brackets bolt to the block, the rubber insulators bolt to the brackets, then to the engine supports.D3TZ-6038-A...
  6. BKW

    Tracking / steering issues

    2003 and later Crown Vics/Grand Marquis have rack and pinion steering.
  7. BKW

    Instrument Cluster Back

    D1AZ-10804-A .. ICVR - Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulator (Motorcraft GR-513) / Obsolete - Available NOS & from auto parts stores.1971/86 F100/350 // 1971/91 Econoline // 1978/86 Bronco // 1983/85 Ranger // 1984/85 Bronco II // Misc 1971/79 FoMoCo Passenger Cars.
  8. BKW

    460 rebuild

    1979 F150/350 & E250/350: TWO different 460 engines.One is internal balance, the other is external balance (has a weighted crank spacer).1979: The block casting number must be known to get the correct flexplate and harmonic balancer.Block casting numbers:Internal balance: D1VE-6015-AB...
  9. BKW

    Heater core replacement

    And then Ford replaced the heater core in 1983 with one that had different dimensions than the 1973/79 original.You also had to buy a mounting kit that consisted of thicker foam rubber so the damn thing would fit properly.The replacement heater core is available from auto parts stores, but...
  10. BKW

    1950 trans options

    This is not the trans type, it's the part number marked on and for the case.Trans is the Borg-Warner T-9.BB-7101 .. 3rd/4th Gear / ObsoleteNOS PARTS LTD in Waxahachie TX has 1 = 962-937-2201.NOS PARTS SOURCE in Olathe KS has 1 = 913-220-5746.CARPENTER NOS OBSOLETE PARTS in Concord NC...
  11. BKW

    1974 F100 Steering Column problems

    Where in the hell did you get this info from? It's wrong.There's no horn button on these trucks, they have a vinyl horn pad that contains the horn switch.The horn pad is the same: 1971/77 F100/350, 1974/77 Bronco, 1975/77 Econoline as is the steering wheel.1973/77 F100/350's use a...
  12. BKW

    In Search Of A Driver's Door Latch For '78 F150

    E3BZ-3621813-A .. Left Door Latch / ObsoleteThis 1983 Fairmont latch (and the right side) replaced a gazillion different door latches used on 1973/79 Passenger Cars, F100/350's and 1978/79 Bronco's.I suspect it was replaced too, because I could only find one.Original 1978 F100/350/Bronco...
  13. BKW

    Replacement Western Style Mirrors

    After 1979, this mirror was only installed on Econolines. There was no heated version until the 1990's.
  14. BKW

    Seriously with this headlight knob!

    F5TZ-11661-A (replaced F2TZ-11666-A) .. Headlamp Switch Knob & Shaft / Available from Ford1992/95 F150/350 & Bronco.MSRP: $56.48 // online price: $37.28.
  15. BKW

    Replacement Western Style Mirrors

    FoMoCo: Western Junior / West Coast is an auto parts store name.Upper pic: Western Junior Swing Lock mirror.
  16. BKW

    Gen 4 body interchange??

    Same cab: 1965/66 F100/250 2WD & 1966 F100 4WDFlareside bed is pretty much the same 1957/72.1973/76 is similar, but the bed mounting bolts are in a different location because Ford increased the width of the inner frame rails behind the cab from 33 1/2" used thru 1972, to 37 1/2" in 1973...
  17. BKW

    air injection tube

    Fixed it for you... ;) These tubes were crap, some thread into a large nut, but when you attempt to turn the nut, the tube twists and splits open.
  18. BKW

    air injection tube

    No one has any of E1TZ-9B445-AMaybe Gary can help you, he's an authority on these trucks and has put together a "garagemahal" for [email protected] // Gary lives in OK
  19. BKW

    air injection tube

    E1TZ-9B445-A .. 300 I-6 Exhaust Air Supply Manifold-Use with CA emission / Marked: E1TE-9H445-AB / Obsolete1981 E & F100/250.No Ford dealer or obsolete parts vendor has any.What the difference is between this & D6TZ-9B445-A (see post #3), I don't know.Pic of the little charmer:
  20. BKW

    Can not get this thing to start! 😤

    1928/55: 6V Positive Ground.1956 thru today: 12V Negative Ground.
  21. BKW

    1990 f350 dually fender liner

    1987/91 F250/350 Diesel & 1988/91 F(Super Duty) Diesel:E7TZ-16054-B .. Right Front Fender Inner Apron / ObsoleteMORLAN-SHELL FORD in West Plains MO has 1 = 417-256-3193. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ E7TZ-16055-B .. Left Front Inner Fender Apron /...
  22. BKW

    Instrument Cluster Back

    1975/79 F100/350, 1975/80 Econoline, 1978/79 Bronco:The instrument cluster backs were made of a composition material that can TURN TO DUST before your very eyes!1981: Ford introduced hard plastic cluster backs for Econolines. These were also the "service part replacements" for the POS...
  23. BKW

    Where the hell is the Ignition control module

    Hmmm, I read this post yesterday elsewhere. Parts catalog shows it on the right fender inner apron, but others say it's located on the firewall.This is a rectangular grayish box marked MOTORCRAFT
  24. BKW

    Which manufacturer is better?

    Bridgestone is a Japanese tire manufacturer who has owned Firestone since 1979.
  25. BKW

    Best years, worst years in Ford Trucks to buy

    It rains and rains in the PNW, especially west of the Cascades.If the OP wants a rust free truck, he'd be better off looking in the desert SW or in SoCal.
  26. BKW

    Front and Rear Sill of bed-08 F350

    MSRP: $233.88 // online price: $154.36.See my post in your other thread for the front sill info.
  27. BKW

    08' Front Bed Sill #3C3Z-9910610-BA ????

    3C3Z-9910610-BA .. Front Sill / Available from Ford.MSRP: $135.67 // online price: $89.54.
  28. BKW

    Help Please

    Get the block casting number and the date code. These are the only numbers that will help.For example: D1VE-6015-AB or A1B or A2B .. Block casting number = Internal Balance.1971/73 Ford/Merc Passenger Car 429; 1971/78 Passenger Car; 1973/78 F100/350; 1975/78 E250/350 460, ditto some 1979...
  29. BKW

    Help Please

    Pic: 1978/79 F150/350 & E250/350 460 EGR related parts:
  30. BKW

    Hello Everyone

    No F1/F2/F100/250 had 6 lug wheels, they're probably the same application as the disc brakes.