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  1. jesusfreak888882

    1959 Ford Truck! :)

    So I was talkin' to my daddy 'bout Ford Trucks and how I've always wanted one and whatnot. And he told me that there was one in the backyard and I didn't even know it! So, he told me that if I worked on it I could have it! And now all I've gotta do is help him fix it up & everything's all good...
  2. jesusfreak888882


    Zach~I asked my mommy if my daddy's ever owned a Ford & I forgot he used to work with the Ford company doing something.I don't drive anything right now, my parents ain't lettin' me drive until they're not nervous with me diving. They're crazy! haha!
  3. jesusfreak888882


    Zach~Idk if it does. Tyler~It felt like it! Also I was exaggerating! Goodness!
  4. jesusfreak888882


    'peace' OK! This is like kinda strange for me and whatnot, but here goes...My name's Amanda Jane, from East Tennessee! I'm a Christ Follower! He's the one I Live for & I take God seriously! I Love everyone no matter who the heck you are or where you come from. Tyler showed me this site a...
  5. jesusfreak888882

    Happy Birthday jesusfreak888882

    Thanks You Guys! :)