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  1. Phantom EGR code

    A few weeks ago I got a CEL caused by a P0405 (Low EGR voltage) code on my 2006 F-250 6.0. I noticed no other symptoms. Internet searches indicated the solution was to replace the EGR valve. As I was leaving the parts store the CEL went off, but I replaced the valve which was quite dirty. It did...
  2. Up top.....

    I'm getting this as well. Default style, looks like there's a "<" missing maybe?
  3. 2007 F-250 steering gear issues

    Thanks for the info.
  4. 2007 F-250 steering gear issues

    About how much did this cost to get done? My truck has a bit of slop but it doesn't bother me too much.
  5. 2008 6.4 F550 Hydro-Boost Mystery

    "Grumble...grumble...6.4...grumble...Ford...grumble...grumble" -- The fleet manager 'hiding_smilie'
  6. March MO Chapter Check In

    Spring break starts Friday at 3 for me, so I'll be heading back to St. Louis then.
  7. Post up your Big Bronco Pics!

    Can't beat a freewheeler!!!
  8. Some Bronco Offroading

    I'm just going to say that this wasn't necessarily my decision.
  9. Some Bronco Offroading

    My brother has taken to wheelin' the Bronco a bit...
  10. November Mo Chapter Check In

    Hanging out in Columbia. Not much going on here.
  11. Glow plug replacement

    Would it be worth it to have all the left side plugs replaced? Currently the plan is just the #2 and the harness but considering that there going to be in there...The quote was 300 for parts and labor by the way.Edit: It was 60 dollars more to get the entire side done, so I'm going to have...
  12. Maybe my next Company Vehicle, any thoughts?

    They drive quite a bit bigger than a half ton.
  13. Owls Head Museum

    If I'm ever in that neck of the woods, I'd make it a point of going there.
  14. September Mo Chapter Check In

    Eat, sleep, go to class, hang out. Repeat.
  15. What to look for in a 6.4 truck

    Was that for 36 months?
  16. Harley Davidson Headlights Installed Finally

    :drool: :drool: :drool: Those would look sooo good on my truck.
  17. Testing the waters 95 F-150, solid axle swapped, lifted

    He doesn't know, that's the purpose of the thread.
  18. first problem with the truck

    I'm pretty sure he has a 4.6, which makes this even more impressive.
  19. What to look for in a 6.4 truck

    The GVW on my 2006 F-250 CC SB is 10,000 lbs if that helps.
  20. Just saying hello to y'all

    Hey Donnie!Donnie is a pretty good friend of mine, his Grand Marquis is real nice. You need to post up some pictures of your sound system.
  21. A few pictures of the Amarillo

    That sealed the deal on the don't tread on me plates.
  22. Glow plug replacement

    With some more thinking it described it as an "open circuit" for the glow plug, could that mean that the connector has somehow worked its way out a bit?
  23. Glow plug replacement

    A CEL came on my truck so I purchased a Code reader, gave me a glow plug fault on the number 2 cylinder, how hard would this be to do myself or would this best be left to a professional.By the way, the Autel MaxiScan MS309 is a nice code reader especially for 25 bucks.
  24. High idle mod: SEIC or BCP?

    I'm planning on doing the high idle mod on my truck and I'm wondering how I should do it. I'm doing it just in case I have to idle my truck for an extended time in the winter.High idle mod: option might be...
  25. EDGE Insight CTS Data Monitor mechanic where I work recommend it to me. His brother who is a service manager at a Ford dealer recommended it to him. He has a 6.0 that he is going to try to sell, as he fears problems down the road...
  26. a/c pro

    It seems to me like a can of R134a with the gauges included.