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  1. 1970Custom

    6.0 stumble, stall and no go

    Over 100 psi at idle truck won't run long enough to drive test as well as won't get above 20mph without a downhill
  2. 1970Custom

    6.0 stumble, stall and no go

    Contribution test comes back normal, it'll run fine cold until I touch the throttle then lope/stumble for a few seconds to a minute before clearing up. VGT actuates manually turbo changes tone when upping the duty cycle. When driving it barks, pops and bucks. Lopes in gear after a slight amount...
  3. 1970Custom

    6.0 stumble, stall and no go

    List of replacements: -IPR -ICP and pigtail -EBP sensor within last year, little drive time since. -New alternator and FICM circuit board -VGT solenoidWill start and run like it should until throttle is touched then it starts loping if its in gear sometimes stalls.Manually control duty cycle...
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  7. 1970Custom

    Low boost troubleshoot

    Recent oil cooler upgrade, EGR cooler delete, replaced two injectors, went through turbo and completely cleaned it. Before was around 24-25lbs. After getting it back together I'm getting a low IPR code and maybe 12lbs of boost. Initially, was no boost but has gradually come up.
  8. 1970Custom

    2005 overfueling issue

    2005 6.0, 190xxx miles, stock minus upgraded oil cooler and EGR cooler delete.FICM died, replaced that. After that Had an injector holding 0lbs, replaced that, Pulled EGR valve and went nuts cleaning that. this is my initial video but symptoms are still the same.IPR or ICP maybe...
  9. 1970Custom

    Clutch fan cycling

    Gotten to the point that it cycles constantly, even with the system off. I have a good idea as to what it could be but wanted to run it past.What's the most common issues for this situation?
  10. 1970Custom


    Yeah, 580 lb ft ain't nothing to sneeze at. I've crossed the scales at 21k many times. Knew it was back there but never struggled.Wouldn't mind a bit more grunt though.
  11. 1970Custom


    Personally, seen good reviews on the Diamond Eyes 4" aluminized system. Can't beat the price.
  12. 1970Custom

    New GM SUVs, trucks, and singing the GM blues

    My '05 does it too. Doesn't matter which back window it is. I have to crack the front window to alleviate the issue...
  13. 1970Custom

    Willing to pay for help with rebuild, 78 F250 4WD

    Maybe with this cool weather I'll have some extra time in the next week or two (Ice delivery, it gets hot I get busy) to where I can swing by and check it out. Looks pretty clean from the pics so might be able to work some magic on that paint as well.I work in Boise, live in south Nampa so...
  14. 1970Custom

    Willing to pay for help with rebuild, 78 F250 4WD

    What's your time table for wanting it done?
  15. 1970Custom

    April truck of the month

    My parents, a buddy and myself used to go camping in my dad's old regular cab F-250... My kids will never know that misery...smilieFordlogo
  16. 1970Custom

    April truck of the month

    Gigity....They do Doug.
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  19. 1970Custom

    Rare Super Duty rear leaf spring

    If it weren't for that helper I'd be in a world of shit.
  20. 1970Custom

    Rare Super Duty rear leaf spring

    Yep, it's not a common leaf pack
  21. 1970Custom

    Hows she holden up?

    Yep, my 6.0 is almost 182k and it's biggest issue is it sweats horsepower
  22. 1970Custom

    Bought New Hub Locks

    You would have to drive the pickup Duncan...
  23. 1970Custom

    Bought New Hub Locks

    My pickup has way more options than I really wanted, but to find manual 4x4 on everything else I looked at meant manual windows and doors as well.Where'd you get the hubs from? Are they quarter turn or full turn lockout?
  24. 1970Custom

    Bought New Hub Locks

    These are one of the main reasons I bought my Super Duty. Manual t-case and hubs,
  25. 1970Custom

    2005 6.leaker little/no heat

    And that's the unit itself or down behind the dash?
  26. 1970Custom

    2005 6.leaker little/no heat

    New ride in the sig, yes EATC, not what I'd consider high miles but a few hundred shy of 181k
  27. 1970Custom

    2005 6.leaker little/no heat

    So why heat on auto but as soon as I flip to defrost it gets cold? I can switch right back to auto and it'll warm back up?
  28. 1970Custom

    2005 6.leaker little/no heat

    Okay kids;On auto it will put out heat, not a huge amount though; BUT, rarely does it go where I need it. If I hit defrost, it loses heat gradually but puts the air in the correct location.