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  1. john112deere

    Ford Trucks Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

    Very nice - it's been a while (2014) since I spent any time in the Rockies...the urge to do so again is steadily growing.
  2. john112deere

    The 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Review in R&T

    It's the truck that people who don't need a truck might actually need...but the people who don't need trucks, either don't buy them, or buy them because they want a truck- and I'm not clear that either group is going to pony up and buy one.I want to like it...and, for the price and MPG, I kind...
  3. john112deere

    fun in the sun

    Today's high temp of 15*F notwithstanding...spring's coming.Ordered a modest heap of new parts for this thing today...nothing hugely fun, unfortunately, just maintenance type stuff. New radiator and full set of coolant hoses as preventative maintenance; new shocks (with upper mounts and bump...
  4. john112deere

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    How does the overdrive ratio compare to the stock ZF-5? And I guess as a closely related question, what rear-end gears are you running?It's been years since I drove a truck like that ('95 PSD with the ZF-5 and 4.10 gears) but my recollection is that when empty I'd have liked a taller...
  5. john112deere

    Jumbo - 97 F350 Project Truck

    RTO 6610 is a ten-speed, right?
  6. john112deere

    What did you work on today

    Yeah, I dunno...this was back when they first started selling Echos at Home Depot, and TBH I think it was just set up wrong at the factory and with no dealer to make it right, it never was.Turns out I can get a carb for $13 on eBay, though....might try that. I don't have the time, patience or...
  7. john112deere

    fun in the sun

    Haven't even looked for that yet...may have to take you up on that offer. I put it up on ramps and went all over it looking for rust before I bought it, and remember seeing the filter...but not where it was.The Tacoma was nearly a 2020 Wrangler...but their tops are a lot more complicated...
  8. john112deere

    What did you work on today

    It's an Echo CS-3000...I think these are supposed to be good saws for what they are...but this one has always been a turd. Primer bulb and air filter had it running OK for a few minutes till it started raining but it hasn't run worth crap since then...I got a little more cutting done but it's...
  9. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    UHaul says they weigh about 2200 lbs...I've pulled a number of these behind different rigs- they pull "heavy" for 2200 lbs, but they're great trailers.I did OK through western Maine...truck seemed happier in fourth gear than fifth (it's a 6-speed) to keep it up in the power-band, but that was...
  10. john112deere

    What did you work on today

    On the other end of the size spectrum...Dad gave me a chain saw a month or so ago, as he was preparing to sell his house. First time I went to use it, the primer bulb spilt.Finally got around to getting a new bulb and air filter for it this afternoon, and got it back running. Never really...
  11. john112deere

    fun in the sun

    If memory serves, it dates to the beginnings of that, when Ford owned a stake in Mazda but not the majority share they eventually came to own (and subsequently sell).
  12. john112deere

    fun in the sun

    I've been getting increasingly serious about picking up a convertible over the last several years, and although I wasn't exactly planning on it, things aligned such that I brought home a 1991 Mazda Miata earlier this week.Clean, looks like it was pretty well taken care of and used sparingly...
  13. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    Thread on the topic coming elsewhere, but I bought a toy the other day, and dragged it home with the Tacoma...~4300 lbs for the loaded trailer, and I pulled it about 250 miles Monday night.Truck did...OK. Rented a trailer I had to pickup about halfway to where I was going; gassed up just...
  14. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    It does, although I haven't yet figured out what I could use it for...I think it's 100W going down the road and 400W when parked. Don't think it's enough juice to run a circular saw, which was the first use that came to my mind for a plug in that location.Definitely glad I bought when I...
  15. john112deere

    Made 10k

  16. john112deere

    Ranger TPMS training tool

    The little garage-door-opener looking thing that you use to "train" the truck to it's new TPMS sensors.Probably works for other Fords that use the banded-on TPMS sensors; I used it on my '09 Ranger but I think I bought it off a Mustang site that had the best price.Used twice per year for the...
  17. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    Learned (the easy way, fortunately!) yesterday that the tailgate on this truck is bigger or differently positioned relative to the hitch than it was on my Ranger...the Toyota 'gate would hit the tongue jack on my trailer if I opened it; the Ford would clear as long as it was parked fairly...
  18. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    Ticked over 1000 miles on it the other day- so far, so good. It's bigger than my Ranger, which isn't a plus...but it's not a huge minus, either- I'm perfectly comfortable driving big vehicles as long as they have decent mirrors (this does), and so far I haven't found to many places that extra...
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  28. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    Soon as I can travel, I hope so.Already missed my planned spring trip down to Kentucky and Tennessee. :(I'll have to double check, but I think I had the Ford in 14 states...maybe I can beat that with this one.
  29. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    I'm usually not a fan of red either- and if the blue was still the metallic one they had in '17 (fairly similar to your Ford), it would've been my pick...but it's not, and everything else is some kind of non-color color.
  30. john112deere

    new truck shopping

    Thanks.They call it "Barcelona red" now, Doug...but at least it's still metallic. Several non-metallic paints available for these, which I really couldn't warm up to. Wanted something in "a color" this time around, not on the neutral palate (although I'd have bought the darker gray without...