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  1. Braking Problem

    I thought brake lines or hung caliper too. I will have to check and see if the ABS light is out.
  2. Suggestions

    Will do.
  3. Braking Problem

    So I had my truck in the shop to have ball joints put on to complete the entire front end being done due to excessive steering and bumpy ride on normal roads. When I got the truck back it now has a brake issue. When applying the brake when it gets down to about 5 MPH it feels like the brake...
  4. Suggestions

    Thank you. Definitely going to look into the exhaust system though I think. I am not looking for huge power gains just some. Not making it a street beast or a track monster, just nice to have a little extra when i want it.
  5. New to the page.

    Ok so I put photos on my page. Pretty plain Jane right now but have plenty of ideas for it.
  6. New to the page.

    Thanks everyone. Currently on duty so tomorrow I will make sure I get some pics up.
  7. 2004 F-350 Suggestions/Help

    Ok I will have to look it up.
  8. 2004 F-350 Suggestions/Help

    Good to know. I might have to look into that. The fuel spring you're talking about; is that upgrading it to the blue one?
  9. 2004 F-350 Suggestions/Help

    So you just pulled some extra power out by adding a tuner? What kind of tunes do you have on it or are those the only two?
  10. Suggestions

    so i had the EGR delete done and the head gaskets and studs done. I want to put on an exhaust probably from the turbo back. I hear good things about MBRP 4" with a high flow cat and muffler. Any ideas?also wondering about changing the oil cooler and one of the fass fuel pumps. Opinions...
  11. New to the page.

    Will do.
  12. 2004 F-350 Suggestions/Help

    Need some help...What people running for an upgraded exhaust. I hear good things about MBRP with a high-flow cat.Does anyone know for sure the location and size of the speakers that are in the truck.What kind of lifts are people running? Looking for a good 6" lift kit. I am already...
  13. New to the page.

    Hello everyone. My name is Rob and I live in Chesapeake, VA. I am originally from Pennsylvania, stationed here in VA for the Navy. I drive a 2004 F-350 Super Duty, Crew Cab, Short Bed, 4X4, with the 6.0L Diesel. Already did the head studs and gaskets. Looking forward to reading some posts...