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  1. blacksnapon

    Morning trip to work annoyance

    usually, the unison ring in the turbo has the "slot" worn out
  2. blacksnapon

    Questioning Purchasing 6.4L

    there is nothing easy to work on on a 6.4.
  3. blacksnapon

    Future of FTF

    its a Canadian cheater bar
  4. blacksnapon

    4x4 question

    make sure you put everything in neutral(trans and transfer case) before shifting. and push on the brake (the shift motor has to have the brake pedal applied impulse before it allows complete shifts).
  5. blacksnapon

    Belt/pulley alignment issue '91 5.8

    check the center of your p/s pulley. the shaft of the pump should be flush with the pulley. if not, the belt will "walk" its way up the pulley groove.
  6. blacksnapon

    A/C Help??

    is your condenser clean and free flowing?(no debris in front of it). is your fan clutch working?
  7. blacksnapon

    Ford Warranty

    just keep washing it off. its considered normal wear. now,if it started to peel or otherwise damage the chrome, it would be different.
  8. blacksnapon

    Can't get transmission out of PARK

    he GEM is supposed to be programmed before installation. one way to tell if the programming hasn't been performed, The interior lights blink! BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Had to do a lot of research before I figured that one out. Thought they were never going to quit flashing. If the programming Is...
  9. blacksnapon

    Hidden Kill Switch Install?

    just trip the inertia switch.
  10. blacksnapon

    Dealer says nothing is wrong!!

    if someone came to me wanting repairs based solely on an oil analysis ,i'd send them away
  11. blacksnapon

    1992 4.9L auto F-150 Starts Stalls, runs rough rev'd and kept in gear to keep going

    as far as the cannot detect cylinder#, look at the crankshaft position sensor on the front pulley. it will Read off of the "star" wheel that is attached to it. perhaps it isn't plugged in or a broken wire or damaged lower pulley.
  12. blacksnapon

    1992 4.9L auto F-150 Starts Stalls, runs rough rev'd and kept in gear to keep going

    stallingthe coolant temp reading -40 means that the coolant temp sensor is disconnected (or the pcm "thinks"it is)with that reading the pcm will make adjustments in timing, injector duty cycle in an attempt to "warm it up". Theres where your fuel is going. if you create a massive vacuum leak...
  13. scan00123


  14. blacksnapon

    Transmission question - need some wisdom

    sounds like forward clutch, sorry!
  15. blacksnapon

    Fuel Trim opinions, paging Vince and others

    just remember short fuel trim is the adjusting that the pcm is making immediately. long fuel trim is when the pcm can't make sufficient adjustments with short trims.the easiest demonstration of that is watch the long trims when you create a large vacuum leak.
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  18. blacksnapon

    This one is getting me confused and irritated... engine diagnosis

    Do a cylinder bleed- down test.Its more precise than just a compression test.
  19. blacksnapon

    Question open loop operation and LTFT (Vince)

    pre-programmed it all depends on the 02 sensors.
  20. blacksnapon

    07 F150 PW regulator replacement

    jus watch for clearance issues. you might try putting them inside out.
  21. blacksnapon

    07 F150 PW regulator replacement

    get you a really good rivet tool . a standard gun wont do'll be easier if you get a regulator with the motor on it
  22. blacksnapon

    2006 Ford LCF Power stroke v6

    cycling glow plugs twice would say glow plug control module. get your starting problem fixed and your no power issue will go away.
  23. blacksnapon

    6.2 gas???

    They're breaking valve springs due to the extended high rpms during towing.
  24. blacksnapon

    Valve train noise on idle down.

    we were getting them after extended use of "brand x" filters the oil passages in the heads were plugged with small silicone chunks from the valving in the filters.
  25. blacksnapon

    Valve train noise on idle down.

    you always use motorcraft filters?
  26. blacksnapon

    Ujoint Dana 60 Front Axle

    there isn't even a procedure for doing one in the workshop manual. I guess they figure its just common knowledge. as far as the removal of the "spindle" I just rely on penetrating oil and a bfh.beat it side to side, then when an opening shows, jam a screwdriver or chisel in there and "persuade"...