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  1. Thinking About Buying a Centurion

    It's an idi unless he swapped the tranny. In 94 the powerstroke only came with a manual. Beyond that just google what a powerstroke looks like. It's vastly different from am idi
  2. 2011 SD -- Less Camo Shots

    Drinking coffee this morning screwing around, found this...
  3. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    a little defensive?
  4. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    1) your truck isn't that tall HAHA2) Where would you mount it with the shell on? You dont want to mount it on the shell itself being made out of fiberglass...You could get a mount that goes on the front fender (between hood and fender, stick up in between the fender/hood crack), the rear...
  5. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    bs flag :horseshit: bs flag smilieleghump smilieleghump smilieleghump smiliestirthepot
  6. Cutting out the cat

    2002 AND 12.5 mpg combined ;)run away from the 6.0L. I know the 06 & 07 is better but there are plenty of good 7.3L trucks out there to choose from, some with lower miles even. If you end up with a 6.0L delete the EGR and pay for the head studs before you start thinking about programmers of...
  7. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    guess your radio SEYUCKS
  8. 2011 Ford Explorer

    I think it looks alright and Im sure it meets the needs of an explorer owner. 4WD/AWD, plenty of power with the I-4 Turbo or V-6, and plenty of room. Now a days I don't think many people buying those are looking to cross rivers or crawl over rocks. My girlfriend had the Mazda CX-7 with the...
  9. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    Get on Ch. 19 and ask for a radio check, when you get an answer ask where that driver is. If that doesn't work try Ch. 17
  10. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    ooo sorry that was the wrong one...This is the one you want
  11. Future Truck: 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty

    I agree its just a rendering and a "stylized" one. There is no way the wheels are going to completely fill the wells (they would bottom out with any weight) I would be shocked to see a windshield that slanted, etc...I think general design idea of the drawing is cool but I would expect to see a...
  12. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50Thats a good price and shipping is free
  13. CB Radio Mounted and Wired!

    Its the crappy mic that is causing the noise...Replaced with noise canceling mic and I can stand outside next to the speaker and no problems
  14. Trans Temp Gauge is IN!!

    In glove box....Found it this morning
  15. '88 Ranger - 4 cyl - Running Rough/Missing

    Update!I posted about this truck before...Its my cousins '88 Ranger - 4 cyl...They were driving a couple weeks ago while everything was fine then all of a sudden the engine started knocking bad and lost most power...Checked timing and compression...The cylinders from front to back tested 75...
  16. '88 Ranger - 4 cyl - Running Rough/Missing

    A guy over on FTE seem pretty confident that the timing belt "slipped a tooth" and should be replaced immediately... :suspicious:
  17. '88 Ranger - 4 cyl - Running Rough/Missing

    Ok, I was on the same track... He is going to get a compression tester today and we'll check for spark...Timing chain was replaced 2 years ago
  18. '88 Ranger - 4 cyl - Running Rough/Missing

    Truck belongs to my cousin...has 124k miles on it...Ran fine till the other day. Was going down the road then all of a sudden it lost power and starting knocking pretty bad is what he described. Was able to very slowly limp it home. I went over there today and looked at it...Oil looks good...
  19. What should be next?

    What lead you to that conclusion? Where is your pyro probe located?
  20. What should be next?

    Shouldn't be...I dont see why it would take longer to spool a wheel with housing the same size and all other things constant
  21. What should be next?

    If you are running the stock wheel on it I would recommend trying a wicked wheel. I think that may solve the problem for a lot less money...That is unless you are wanting to get into a bigger turbo anyway....Just remember until new sticks go in, you may have a little trouble lighting up a...
  22. Spied: Ford tests 'Scorpion' 6.7-liter V8 diesel

    We'll see what happends, hopefully the urea injection will turn out better than the whole DPF mess, sounds it should work well...These new 6.4 equipped trucks are not seeing the fuel economy everyone hoped for. Delete the DPF system and I think there will be a large improvement.
  23. What should be next?

    What kind of surging problems are you having with the stock turbo? Do you have the stock wheel in it or has it been replaced with a wicked wheel? Replacement of the stock wheel may help get rid of the surging.As far as a bigger intercooler....I would save your money unless you upgrade to...
  24. 7.3 oil leak

    Sounds like he got most of it worked out. I would be interested to hear more about the "two high pressure lines going into the front of the engine"There are two high pressure oil lines but I wouldn't describe them as going into the front of the engine. Two lines are located on the top...
  25. Wooo first thread!

    You make a point, I just dont think there was a market for it...If you are in the market for an F-350, you are not looking for one that was chopped and shortened. Thats my take on it anyway
  26. Wooo first thread!

    There was no 150, 250, or 350 offered in a Crew Cab Short Box configuration. The first year of the CC SB was 1996 when the F-250 was offered in that configuration. I have a feeling thats why a lot of the CC F-150 are prior to 1996...It simply wasn't available from Ford directly.
  27. Used Auto Trans Fluid

    This first link is the one I was referring to that did the study on different additives and their effects second one is a link to a thread on TDG...There is a guy on there "Mopar1973Man" who seems to be VERY passionate about 2 cycle oil...
  28. Used Auto Trans Fluid

    I have found some good reading on this topic, however its from other forums...Is it ok to link other forums on this site?
  29. Used Auto Trans Fluid

    If you can you locate it near you (or purchase online) Stanadyne is what I run. It is an OEM accepted additive a few notches up with Diesel Kleen as far as performance in increase cetane and improving lubricity. i'll see if I can't find the results of the tests done on all of the additives for...
  30. Used Auto Trans Fluid

    Hi There,Well in my opinion, the jury is still out on the 2 stroke. I have done a lot of reading about it from others that are using it, as well as a "study" done about many different additives for diesel. I still have yet to read of a failure due to its use. There was one guy on another...