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  1. After Market Throttle Body

    1999 F-250 Super Duty with 5.4 ltr. I want to install a larger throttle body on truck. Purchased a BBK 1703. Once I installed realized throttle link is different on F-250 . Linkage needs to come under bottom and over top. Seems that no one makes for 250 that I can find.
  2. 1999 f-250 4x4 5.4

    Sunday did plugs and coil packs on new to me truck. After completed started and ran fine but my buddy noticed noise in front of motor timing cover area he pretty sure it timing chain issue. Truck has 171,000 on clock you guys think it's worth pulling and doing timing chain and guides or just...
  3. Factory Towing Wiring 1999 F-250

    I just purchased this truck someone had cut the end off the factory plug at bumper and installed a round 6 pin plug. I removed 6 pin to install 7 pin that I have on all my trailers. I check all the wiring and everything I need as of now is working but the aux. wire does not have 12volt and there...
  4. 1999 f-250 4x4 5.4 motor

    10.4 I will old owner said he had replaced them but have no idea how long ago. Also got a deal on accel coil packs will replace them as well.
  5. 1999 f-250 4x4 5.4 motor

    Just a stock motor thanks for your reply.
  6. 1999 f-250 4x4 5.4 motor

    What is the best spark plug for this 5.4 motor . New to me truck and have no idea how old plugs are. Have read other forums post about how some brands of plugs are better than others in this motors.smilieFordlogo
  7. 2002 F-350 srw

    Anyone know what model years would interchange with rear end in this truck looking at a truck that has rear issues my be better to change out rear vs repair depending on how bad rear is . smilieFordlogo
  8. v-10

    Looking at 2002 f350 4x4 srw v-10 . Truck needs rear end work that's not a problem buddy is gear head. Truck has 178,000 what life have you guys seen on v-10 I know it's all about oil change and routine maintenance but in general ask $5000.00 but was told obo.smilieFordlogo
  9. 1991 F350 srw 351w

    Sound right to me thanks for your help.
  10. 1991 F350 srw 351w

    Looked at truck sunday. Transfer case was replaced and after it was installed owner found that shift arm coming out of t-case is not in correct postion so if linkage to shifter inside truck is connected there is not enough travel to let t-case shifter to move all the way forward to 2 wheel...
  11. 1991 F350 srw 351w

    Going to look at this truck for sale on Saturday. Guy says 4x4 workssmilieFordlogo but linkage needs to be adjusted. Anyone know what t-case would be in that truck. Never known of a adjustment to t-case linkage.
  12. Wheel Spacers

    I have 2000 F350 DRW 4x4. I'm thinking of upsizing tires to a 285 75r16 . This will require a 2" wheel spacer to get clearance between DRW. First I had heard that some of the wheel spacers are not very high quality who makes the best? Second has anyone ever done this to DRW any problems...