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  1. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    Very good point. Valley gasket leaks are another thing to check. In the olden days, we'd spray carb cleaner around the edges of the valley with the engine running. If it ran better, it's a leaker. Careful of this method, if you're on blood pressure meds or asthmatic... it put me on the...
  2. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    Oh... heat riser tube should be between your air cleaner horn/snout/intake and the exhaust manifold directly beneath it. When your truck was made, they were constructed in much the same way as that "cardboard hose" on your charcoal canister, except about 2" in diameter, +/_. Nowadays, the...
  3. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    As for "capped off", I mean that "even the lines and nipples that you do not yet know the purpose of" should be closed in some way, until you're able to figure them out ( hopefully by the diagrams ). I think I can help better once I can sit down to my computer, instead of trying to do this on...
  4. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    Lets try the other way of posting.
  5. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    I see the diagrams just fine... they're in my gallery... maybe I need to go check my privacy settings. Hold on, guys!
  6. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    Here is one diagram that may help
  7. mrfixit

    '73 Runs now but way to rich (6 MPG) & Tranny shifts way too Fast!!

    Vacuum is key to performance, in this vintage of truck. Get a hold of a vacuum gauge and see what your system is pulling. It should pull 20 lbs at idle. Less means a poor mix, a leak, or bad valves. All vacuum lines should be capped or connected somewhere, as Charlie stated so well. If they...
  8. mrfixit

    Electric Window issues 1994 f150

    Tyler, how did this work out for you? I just did the whole shootin' match, on my recently-acquired '97, but the irony of it is that the dealer supposedly 'fixed it' as part of my purchase agreement. I could have taken it back to them, but why would I trust it to be done right, the second time?
  9. mrfixit

    Another new member intro

    Welcome! This site is ideal for gleaning knowledge and insight... and all that other stuff! Don't be a stranger! Then again, one person here is easily stranger than the next, but they're all affable!
  10. mrfixit

    Trans Woes 4R100 7.3

    I've seen a few do exactly what yours is doing, and two of those who took my suggestion had success: Complete flush, change out the valve body and put it back together clean. The extras you've added can only help, IMO. The ones who didn't do it wound up swapping in a used trans... To me...
  11. mrfixit

    Missouri: Contact Info

    Mine has all changed. The hell that my life was is no more. My Ex got her a Florida boyfriend, I almost died, I walked away and never looked back. My new life far exceeds anything from my old life, except for my boys, of course. Phone numbers: 620-238-2580 or 620-644-4533 Tom Whiteman 3101...
  12. mrfixit

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    I wish I really KNEW exactly where I live! I've been so transient, you'd think I was running for office! Currently in CA, closing out my folks' house following their passing. Building a home in Mound City KS and dwelling in Neosho MO whenever I can get back there! If it's confusing YOU, just...
  13. mrfixit

    Mo chapter get together

    If I can't get there on four wheels, I can't get there, lol. Not that I've made a meet yet, except minimeets with R and T. I'm overdue for a road trip. Fort Leaner Wood or Tonka trucks... if I go to KC I have to see my sister, and I'm not prepared for that.
  14. mrfixit

    March MO Chapter Check In

    Thanks- So, your daughter's learning about the 'school of hard knocks,' eh?
  15. mrfixit

    you know you drive a ford truck when

    You know you own a Ford Truck when you keep a spare ignition relay on hand and can change it out in 15 minutes or less.smiliegitrdone
  16. mrfixit

    March MO Chapter Check In

    I am still alive, and have moved temporarily to a spot closer to Joplin. I had surgery to replace my c4 vertebra and a fusion plate installed, so I have been on ordered rest for about 5 weeks, now- but had to get out of Neosho; the park we were in was selling and all of us had to get out...
  17. mrfixit

    December Mo Chapter check in

    This morning, I mentioned "elsewhere" that ice still remained, ONLY for the 50 yards or so from where I am parked. After a day in the 60s... It is still there.
  18. mrfixit

    December Mo Chapter check in

    In Neosho for the winter- til the Doctors are done with me, I'm doing what I can to have a little fun!And a little bit of trouble...
  19. mrfixit

    School me on an 89 F350

    Those TFI modules are one of those "Ghost Issues" that some motors have. they work fine until they warm up; then they fail, leaving you scratching your head. I found (by hard knocks) that it was more an issue of there being a proper layer of thermal grease between it and the distributor...
  20. mrfixit

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    I have officially moved out of my Home in Jasper; I'm currently living in my Motorhome in Neosho, Missouri, while I get a TON of medical stuff taken care of. I have my land in Mound City KS that I will be building on, and another property down in Arkansas that I have yet to actually VISIT...
  21. mrfixit

    2012 Truck Of The Year

    Great Truck, in great company around here! Congratulations!!!
  22. mrfixit

    dash lights/parking lights

    Two harness connectors; One directly under the driver's side on the framerail and one to the rear that connects the trailer connections and the rear lights- these get corroded and even water fouled sometimes. Separate them, clean them with a good brush and contact cleaner and tape the joint...
  23. mrfixit

    Brake switch feed back problem

    There are two harness connections that get fouled by water; One is under the driver's side on the frame rail, and the second is at the rear left side, connecting the rear harness & trailer connectors. I took BOTH of these apart, cleaned them and then wrapped them in tape and the problem didn't...
  24. mrfixit

    Did Doc kick everyone out of the MO chapter?

    Can't have you two fighting over them, again!
  25. mrfixit

    Happy Birthday mrfixit

    thank yall SO much... been a heck of a day, but this made it so much better!
  26. mrfixit

    Happy Birthday mrfixit

    so, I'm #2, TWICE?
  27. mrfixit

    What have you done to your FORD today v2

    Changed the Motorhome Oil and did a tranny flush and fill on my son's recently purchased F150. I'm so proud of him!
  28. mrfixit

    Greetings! What would you do if......

    The '68 would be the most equitable to keep. pre-70's purists will drool over it.