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  1. 0506101224a


    351C engine in bay,finally!
  2. 0505101907


    hood painted with spray paint,2 cans primer,2 cans rustoleum safety yellow
  3. 0430101819a


    Breaking in Cam
  4. ponydrvr72

    Aussie 302C 2v head with #3 Casting?

    the answer is..the aussie 302C 2v head has a 3, the aussie 351C has either a 2 or a 4. same combustion chamber size in the 2v heads.
  5. 0413102318


    I did this once at the arcade!
  6. 0413102319


    Open up and say AHH
  7. 0410101410


    Finished 351C W/ 302C Heads
  8. 0410101411


    Finished 351C W/ 302C Heads
  9. valve train

    valve train

    Scorpion roller rockers 351C,302C heads
  10. mod_2v_with_correct_stamp


  11. ponydrvr72

    Has anyone built a Clevor?

    I would rather have the 302 Boss,shorter stroke,fast off the line,or at the greenlight, a real street beast!
  12. ponydrvr72

    Has anyone built a Clevor?

    I belive you will have to fill in one of the coolant ports on the cleveland heads as they dont line up with the windsor block,attention will also have to be paid to the head gasket,make sure the block is running flat pistons or there might be clearence problems withe the valves.
  13. ponydrvr72

    Pushrod guide plates,Machine heads or not?

    eventually went with scorpion pedestal mount platinums,no need for guides as long as my cam and spring pressure is not to agressive,which it isnt. putting them in this week.
  14. ponydrvr72

    Aussie 302C 2v head with #3 Casting?

    I put some pic's of this head in my gallery,check em out.
  15. 2v_with_3_date_stamp


    date stamp of 2V with 3
  16. 2v_302C_modified_exh


    anti scavenging mod?Will have to fill in with epoxy/sand
  17. 2v_302C_head_w_3


    # 3 casting on a 2V head? whats up down under?
  18. ponydrvr72

    Aussie 302C 2v head with #3 Casting?

    has anybody seen one of these before,explination?
  19. ponydrvr72

    351C double roller timing belt

    edelbrock true roller went in nicely, but gear had no provision for tapping and bushing for advancing the timing,so it went in strait up.
  20. ponydrvr72

    Tall valve covers

    putting them on the press worked like a charm,grommets fit perfectly.
  21. ponydrvr72


    I've been running the eddlebrock performer 2v/4v manifold and performer 650 carb on my stang for 6 years/summers and have not had to adjust the carb once, along with a pertronix set up it's been smooth sailing.
  22. ponydrvr72

    302 to 351C swap

    Also if your replacing say a C-4 with a c-6 they are different lengths, c-4 30 1/8" c-6 33 1/2" this will cause a problem with drive shaft length.
  23. ponydrvr72

    302 to 351C swap

    Most things look good,tranny, flywheel,booster should be fine. I wonder about the radiator hose lengths, coil wire,kickdown lever,carb cable,etc. the cleveland was a bigger block, also a new radiator might be in your future,but not sure.ever think about building a Boss 302? now would be the...
  24. 0127101351


    Road Warrior Dog 4mths
  25. 0127101555


    1970,D-Block 351C
  26. ponydrvr72

    351C Gear drives, anybody use these?

    I got my timing chain today, summit was backordered on cloyes, so i got the edelbrock true roller, dual steel sprockets,should work very nicely.Thanks again for all the good advice, scott
  27. ponydrvr72

    Tall valve covers

    I got this pair of ford motorsport valve covers to clear my rockers. the cover grommet holes are closed but slightly machined to "pop out" this pop out feature was also on a aircleaner of mine and didnt just pop out causing a little disfigurment on my part, i dont want to repeat this on these...
  28. ponydrvr72

    And so it has begun...

    sounds normal,how's the temp runnin?
  29. 0112102107


    Top End Rebuild Parts
  30. 0112102108a


    Top End Rebuild Parts