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  1. Looking to Sell '78

    I was told to ask around the $4600 Canadian mark... not sure though.. just looking for other opinions... Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. How many miles do you have on your F-150?

    wow, my 78 has only just flipped the 100,000 Kilometers, actuall Kilometers is100, 683 KLM ORIGINAL...... Dad bough it new in April 78 and never drove it other then June, July and August,
  3. Looking to Sell '78

    Hey All, im new on the site so im hoping i can do this, if not accept my appoligies and let me know:spank:Due to family and lack of space i need to seel my 78 ford ranger explorer, F150..:headbang: . its all original, im the second owner (bought from my father 9 years ago), It has never...