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  1. Big Jim F150

    New member

    Welcome Aboard! Sweet looking F-250 360? 390?
  2. Big Jim F150

    starting question

    Check your air cleaner stud to make sure that it's not blocking your choke closed, I had that happen on my 78 F-150. So I had adjusted that by turning it a little to free up my choke plate, and I had shot some choke cleaner at it. Also check your fuel lines to make sure that they're not kinked...
  3. Big Jim F150

    Which tonneau cover?

    Try going to auto, that's where I had gotten a tonneau cover for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat, I have a cross the box toolbox and side rails on mine. I have the eight foot bed on mine. So I had gotten the Access brand toolbox edition and it fit beautifully with one minor modification...
  4. Big Jim F150

    What did you do to your Dent today

    I just drove mine while my DD 07 Chevy Colorado is in the shop getting a timing issue and check engine light issue resolved, as well as getting it inspected.:(:(
  5. Big Jim F150

    78 Ford truck air conditioning Duct

    Hi, I'm looking for the flexible air conditioning duct for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat, the one I'm looking for is the flexible duct that goes to the center vents in the dash, it is a rectangular shaped thing, that goes up from the top of the air plenum box. The ford part number is as follows...
  6. Big Jim F150

    What did you do to your Dent today

    Put a tonneau cover on my 78 F-150 Ranger LariatAbout a week ago I had gotten a tonneau cover for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat, what I had bought was an access tool box edition for the 8 foot bed, for I have the tool box and Ford issue side rails and this cover I bought attached to the inside of...
  7. Big Jim F150

    What did you do to your Dent today

    Nothing!! My Dent is away for the winter, so there is no therapy sessions, for I consider my Dent as my therapist, and either driving or cruisin' or even working on my Dent very therapeutic, after a long hard FTFed up day at work and school. But spring isn't too far away. Ones got to be...
  8. Big Jim F150

    Engine shut off.

    Check your pickup wheel in your distributor, I had the same symptoms in my 78 F-150 with the 400 with a Holley 4bbl on it, and I'm running a GM Style HEI distributor, but I didn't have an alternator light blink, the truck would turn over, and then act like it would fire, but I had my pickup...
  9. Big Jim F150

    Engine shut off.

    If the neutral safety switch is bad, the engine WILL NOT turn over, I've had that happen on my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat a few times, and there is no adjustment on the NSS. Please check my posts in the Gen 6 forums for more information on that subject. My username is Big Jim F150, and the posts are...
  10. Big Jim F150

    Battery Clamp Bolt

    You can get aftermarket clamps that you can put on the ends of your cable, you just cut the old end off, strip the cable back about an inch and install the new clamp, or clamps if you're replacing them both but make sure that the two little bolts that clamp the clamp to the cable are GOOD and...
  11. Big Jim F150

    2010 Ford Taurus Sunroof

    How's your fuses? Another thing you might want to check is your slide switch, as well as your connections to see if they're tight and clean, both at the switch and the motor end, and also check your motor to see if it's burned out, as well as your drive linkage or belt to see if it is intact...
  12. Big Jim F150

    battery size

    I agree with Doug on that although some of the newer batteries are smaller, but I have a larger battery tray in my 78 F150 Ranger Lariat, and I had to put a new battery in it last fall, and the one I had got was from Autozone, and it's about two inches smaller than my battery tray, but it has...
  13. Big Jim F150

    My Ford project. Sigh............

    Try Jeff's Bronco Graveyard, and also try Dennis Carpenter Reproductions and LMC Truck for your core support and other parts you might need along the way, and also check your local salvage yards and eBay as well. Hope this helpful to you. smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo
  14. Big Jim F150

    I needs some help as my name suggests

    The CEL light is the check engine light.
  15. Big Jim F150

    Back to School.....In Style

    Thomas built buses, are owned by Freightliner, that's why they're built on Freightshaker chassis, as well as International Harvester chassis. Ford called their F-Based bus chassis a B Series so that would have been a 70 B600 for they had the F-Serirs
  16. Big Jim F150

    2001 Windstar 3.8L V6 PCV valve location?

    This time I'm looking for answers to questions on my 78 F150 Ranger Lariat, but my mom has a 2001 Windstar SE Sport with the 3.8L V6 engine. My question is that would a PCV valve and the return line of the PCV valve cause the Check Engine Light to come on with a lean burn code on each bank of...
  17. Big Jim F150

    What did you do to your Dent today

    I had put my Dent away for the winter, but I have it parked in my own driveway, covered up with my truck cover and a 12 x 20 tarp, after I had filled my fuel tanks and added Stabil and dry gas to both tanks, as well as checking my radiator to make sure that it was set to 45 below, before...
  18. Big Jim F150

    Help, my truck won't run when it's raining/wet outside

    I've made a mistake like that before, but with wiring going to the starter solenoid, so we both made mistakes. Glad to hear that your truck is running great, and to hear that your problem was nothing more than a simple wire being hooked up wrong.smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo
  19. Big Jim F150

    New Site User F250 Trailer Special

    Welcome to the ol FTF and to the Gen 6 family, if your grille is a fine pattern and a split grille with round headlights and the turn lights are above the headlights with the word FORD between them then you've got a 73 to 75 if it's the same layout but with the egg crate inserts then you have a...
  20. Big Jim F150

    79 f150 4x4...long slow build coming up!

    Looks good, keep up the good work!smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo
  21. Big Jim F150

    WTB.... In need of green interior

    The steering column pieces and steering wheel are black, they were on the 77 F350 Custom Dually I had, and those same parts are black on my 78 F150 Ranger Lariat. The only steering column pieces and steering wheels that were color matched were on some of the cars e.g. LTD and the Mercury...
  22. Big Jim F150

    Wiw looking to buy my first gen6

    It might be the XLT Luxury Group, which could have been the predecessor of the Ranger Lariat. For the Ranger Lariat 1978 was the first year of the Ranger Lariat trim package, for that is what my 78 F150 is a Ranger Lariat. So what I'm thinking is that what you have is an option package which...
  23. Big Jim F150

    Wiw looking to buy my first gen6

    SWEEEEEEEEET looking truck! These old Fords Rule. Gen 6 trucks are like a fine wine or whiskey, they only get better with age! :-) said by a fellow Gen 6 truck owner, although mine's a 78 F150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special..
  24. Big Jim F150

    Value of 73 flareside

    The value of that truck would be based on the rarity and the desirability of that truck and the options and features of that truck where as the short bed models are more desirable and popular than the long beds, and also location is the key. For example a 57 Chevy two door and Nomad and...
  25. Big Jim F150

    Wiw looking to buy my first gen6

    Good Job! And welcome to the old FTF Generaltion 6 trucks rule aka Dents or Dentsides called that because of the upper body contour line but on the one that you're getting is a Ranger or a Ranger XLT , you'll have a chrome molding with a black strip in it like on my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat. 78...
  26. Big Jim F150

    Wiw looking to buy my first gen6

    That sounds like a good deal $7500 for that 77 F-250, I had paid 8500 for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat about two and and half years ago, which I thought was a good deal. So go for it
  27. Big Jim F150

    So Ian (JohnDeere).......

    Would that also be a possible cause for a lean burn condition on a 2001 Ford Windstar with a 3.8 L V6 ? For my mom's Windstar I had the codes pulled and it had the codes for a lean burn condition. I had talked to the Ford dealer about it and I was told that it was intake manifold gaskets. Where...
  28. Big Jim F150

    New starter ?

    Leave it alone, and put the whole new starter on, that's what I did with my 78 F-150 is put a whole brand new starter fresh from NAPA, and it seems to work quite well, and also check your starter solenoid and battery cables.smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo
  29. Big Jim F150

    An EXCELLENT read >>> How VW got caught cheating emissions tests

    German cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen are NOTHING but Euro trash as far as I'm concerned, which is a distant relation to Jap Scrap. smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo