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  1. sbluke55

    Happy Birthday sbluke55

    Well thank you everyone. Even called out my age.Sent from my SM-G781U1 using Tapatalk
  2. sbluke55

    New member and moderator

    I can see it.
  3. sbluke55

    Rolled obs ccsb resurrection.

    A bump or dent crew cab has been my dream truck since I was 10 or so. It's my opportunity to have a great starting point and I can rob some go fast parts from my truck.
  4. sbluke55

    Rolled obs ccsb resurrection.

    This will be my tow vehicle, camping, hunting truck and I'm selling my 01 f250.
  5. sbluke55

    Rolled obs ccsb resurrection.

    So my dad got a 97 f250 4x4 auto with a 7.3. It was rolled and has been sitting for a little while. Option one would be put a dent or bump side crew cab on it (if I can find one). This is my most preferred option Option two. Keep it an obs and replace the cab and all the body panels.
  6. sbluke55

    Hello from Shamu!

    Can't wait. ....
  7. sbluke55

    Hello from Shamu!

    Welcome dan.
  8. sbluke55

    Hola! Hello! Hallo! Hello, eh!

    I haven't smoke either in a long time and welcome jax. You brought up battery cables for your truck. I can make up a parts list and what sizes to use. I personally like the military style terminals.
  9. sbluke55

    What did you work on today

    Driving home from work. How's that?
  10. sbluke55

    What did you work on today

    Nice she-shed.
  11. sbluke55

    Morning trip to work annoyance

    To keep the oil out of your intake do a ccv reroute. Buy a new clamp, not just a new nut. When they blow they deform and usually never hold again.
  12. sbluke55

    next project im thinkin

    I dont know if any stand alone harnesses. You are just using the motor I assume. So head off to the junk yard and pull the harness from an obs. Then you have to just change the uvch.
  13. sbluke55

    next project im thinkin

    What truck is it coming out of? The 94.5-97 harness can be cut down to just a few wires. The 99-03 cannot.
  14. sbluke55

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    I'm so jealous of your trucks. I want one badly but it's not in the cards at the moment. My dad is thinking of picking up and step side a d having me fix it up.
  15. sbluke55


  16. sbluke55

    Future of FTF

    Huh. Apparently I've been a member since 2017.
  17. sbluke55

    Future of FTF

    Hello, Charlie invited me over.